Sara Curry Photo Fujiten 2013Fujiten is a ski resort at the bottom of Mt. Fuji about 90 minutes from Yokota Air Base.  It is an easy day trip and a great place to learn how to ski. Fujiten also offers a separate sledding area with two hills and a snow playground consisting of snow tunnels, a man-made igloo and snow “mountains” to climb.  It is perfect for children 0-10 years of age who want to enjoy a day in the snow.   A central movable walkway helps little ones and their parents climb the hills so there is more time for sledding.  The entrance fee for sledding is ¥600 per person for the day.  Kids can purchase a lunch set and sled pass for ¥1100 a day.  Plastic sled rentals are available for ¥500.  The large ski lodge offers a variety of Japanese and Chinese lunches as well as chicken nuggets, french fries and corn dogs.  Our family has gone sledding here for the last three years and our kids have a blast in the snow.  It is also a great place to take pictures of Mt. Fuji on a clear day.  I recommend going during the week or on an American holiday like Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Superbowl Monday or Presidents’ Day to avoid the crowds. – Sara Curry, January 2013
DIRECTIONS: The Yujo has maps and directions available from the base.  Also, check the webpage: http://www.fujiten.net/pc/.  GPS Coordinates: 35.441862, 138.687444.

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