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One of my friends referred me to Asayo at the Aroma Company. It is located less than 5 minutes from the supply gate and they offer many types of body treatments and services. You may have seen an ad on YokotaAds also for them. I received a basic facial which lasted an hour. Included was shoulder massage, foot massage and scalp massage on top of the facial treatment. She can perform ion treatment, abrasion, etc. She also offers oil massage, hot stone, body wraps and body scrubs for a very reasonable price. The facial was $35 and she accepts yen OR USD. It was a lovely experience and I will definitely go back again (and again and again)!  Reach them by email:

DIRECTIONS: Upon leaving the Fussa Gate, turn left on Route 16 and stay in the left lane.  Proceed straight for three traffic lights (1.1 km) and you’ll pass the Supply Gate (Gate 5) on your left. Continue going straight and around the 2.0 km point there will be a Y-split and you’ll veer to the right following the blue sign that says “Hachioji”.  You’ll then cross over a bridge that goes over the railroad tracks and when・you get to the bottom of the bridge (2.5 Km), you’ll make a hard 135 degree left turn.  Pass the first traffic light and on the left corner will be a Lawson Convenience Store and about another 100 yards the road will make a 90 degree right turn.  Instead of following the road to the right, you’ll go straight for about 20 yards and turn left into a narrow road which goes to the left.  You’ll see a “P-sign” for 100 yen parking. Park here and she’ll reimburse you the fee. To get to the Aroma Company-Koubou shop, walk back to the Lawson Convenience Store.  At the Lawson intersection cross the street and immediately turn right and you’ll see a automatic glass door on the building in front of you.  Go into the building and go to the basement.  At the bottom you’ll see the entrance to the Aroma Company Koubou Shop. – Kelly Bull, February 2013

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  1. Great massages! I’ve seen Asayo about 5 times now as well as my wife. Definitely worth the $45 for a 1 hour massage.

  2. Michelle Nexon

    I had a wonderful experience with the Aroma Company, Asa provides an excellent service, well worth the money. If you are looking for a nice oil-massage close to base, this is it. I also did the Special Facial, which she customized to my skin needs. She even followed up with an email to make sure I liked the results (which I did). Excellent customer service and just what I was looking for. The parking/directions have changed, she is still located in the same building as the Lawson, but her parking stall no longer exists. 100 yen parking is just up the street, and she will reimburse you when you leave (coordinates for parking: 35.722227, 139.342521). The coordinates for her shop are: 35.721639, 139.341638.

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