Family Steakhouse & Shabu-Shabu Don Tei

Two restaurants frequented by Yokota meat-eaters during lunch are Family Steakhouse Don and Shabu-Shabu Dontei. Sets at both places are ¥1000-¥2000, according to the picture menus. Shabu-shabu consists of boiling meat in broth in a table-top pan and then dipping it in sauce (sort of a Japanese fondue). Some say that you are supposed to cook the meat only as long as it takes you to say “shabu-shabu.” Thinly sliced pork is offered in addition to beef, along with a plate of vegetables and large noodles to be cooked at the end. Sets come with rice, salad bar is extra. Both restaurants open 11am-midnight.
DIRECTIONS: Drive straight out the Supply Gate (Itsukaichi Kaido) and across two sets of train tracks. Continue a few more blocks. The more western-style Steakhouse Don is on the near right corner of the next large intersection (at ShinOkutama Kaido) opposite the small Ushihama Post Office (before the road goes downhill)., 042-530-6866, 43-1 Ushihama. For the shabu-shabu restaurant, turn left at this intersection, then left past the brown apartment building into the parking lot (take off and put your shoes into the black lockers, then remove the wooden key). 042-551-7866, 986-1 Kumagawa. Teresa Negley, Alexis Roberts 2009

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