Café du Jardin

cafe du jardin by kelly odonnellThis pastry shop serves warm fresh scones with cream cheese or marmalade jam for ¥525 (two biscuit size in plain, cheese and herb, sesame or tea flavors) at the small tables in the back or outside. Allow 15 minutes to warm order and prepare hot or iced drinks for ¥472 (¥50 off if served with baked goods). Organic muffins are also available.
DIRECTIONS: Walk out Fussa Gate and turn left onto Route 16. It’s on the right, about halfway to the Supply Gate. (While there is no dedicated parking, cafe au jardin kelly odonnellthree vehicles can be parked on the side street curb next to Nicola’s restaurant parking.) Open 10am -7:30pm. Closed Mondays and second and fourth Tuesdays (plus after Japanese holidays). Tel.: 042-553-2225. – updated with photos by Kelly O’Donnell, May 2013


cafe ju by kelly o


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  1. Kelly O'Donnell

    They also have beautiful cakes and desserts to order for special occasions or parties. In addition, you can purchase packaged sweets for gifts.

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