Blue Seal Ice Cream Shop

This place is on Route 16, between the Fussa and Supply Gates next to Hoops Bagels, and is  popular with young Japanese people. It is also known as the Okinawan Ice Cream Place due to some flavors and its origins during the long American occupation of Okinawa (some may recognize the Foremost dairy logo). Soft vanilla ice cream available in your choice of sugar, waffle or a couple other flavored cones is ¥231, while a Blue Seal Sundae is ¥367, plus tax. Note the Big Dip ice cream cone sign above the shop; there are two parking spaces shared with Cupid’s Flower shop.
DIRECTIONS: Go out the Fussa Gate and turn left. The ice cream shop will be on the right hand-side of the road, before you reach the Supply Gate. It’s a nice stroll, or there are a couple of parking places. Hours: 11am-11pm. Telephone: 042-551-0539. Teresa Negley, 2007.

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  1. Soft serve 300 yen
    Single scoop 300 yen
    Double scoop 450 yen
    Blue seal Sundaes (ice cream and soft serve) 480 yen
    Waffle cone +30 yen
    Parfaits 620 yen

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