ASOBono at Tokyo Dome City

asobono by sarah 3A trip to ASOBono may be expensive, but for kids ages 6 and under it can be a really fun day and a chance to do something different in the city.  It is clean, bright and colorful like Bornelund, but larger and with different features.  Like Bornelund, there is a large ball pit area.  However, here it is set up to look like a pirate ship in a blue sea.  There is also a huge train track area with moving trains.  Kids can put the easy to assemble, plastic train tracks together to make complex mazes and run battery operated trains across them.  For my 5 year old son, this was the highlight of the trip.  Great for pretend play, there is a big kitchen, grocery store and restaurant area for kids with plastic food and shopping carts.  A play bakery is filled with play cakes to decorate and a asobono by sarah 4home area has dolls, doll clothes and vacuum cleaners.  There is a doll house zone, magnetic boards, game area and a large play area just for crawlers and new walkers.  Vending machines carry juice and milk boxes in addition to soda and water and there is a nice place to sit and enjoy your beverage.   When it is time for lunch, OsoBono is located next to a food court where you can eat your own food or buy from several vendors serving noodles, rice dishes and even soft serve yogurt.  With an all day pass you can come and go from ASOBono.  The day pass costs: ¥1500 for children ages 6 months to junior high, ¥900 for adults and ¥200 to rent a locker.  There is stroller parking and no strollers are allowed past the entrance area.  Open weekdays 10am-6pm, weekends 9:30am – 7pm.  GPS for parking garage nearest ASOBono: 35.703829, 139.754789.
asobono by sarah 5DIRECTIONS:  The nearest train station is Suidobashi.  However, if you are going with kids, it may be easier to drive.  We went on a weekday from Yokota, leaving at 9:30am and got to the parking area next to ASOBono in just over an hour.  We drove out of the parking garage and were on our way home at 3pm and it took us just one hour to get back to Yokota.  The trick is to avoid rush hour traffic.  Parking costs ¥400 for 30 minutes, but during the week maxes out at ¥1500.  If you get your parking validated at AsoBono and keep your stay under 4 hours, parking will cost ¥1000.   So… for one adult plus two kids driving from Yokota it will cost: ¥4100 entry, ¥1000 parking 4 hours, ¥3000 tollways = ¥8100.  It worked well to team up with a friend and share parking and toll costs or it may be a fun think to do if you are already staying in downtown Tokyo.  – Sarah Straus & Linda Bell, June 2013.  Also see LaQua Spa also at Tokyo Dome City.

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