Want to Help More? File a Trip Report!

So there you are, enjoying a great store or cafe. “This ought to be on Yokota Travel,” you say. Hold that thought! Grab a napkin and scribble a few notes so that you can file a Trip Report.  Don’t like taking notes? Pull out your fancy-shmancy phone and take a few snapshots instead. Snap the menu. Snap the door, if it has the name of the place, address or the shop hours. Then come home, log on and write it up. We won’t expect you to know every detail. We just need enough so that others will be able to figure out how to get there and why they should go.

Among the things you might tell us:

Where did you go?

What’s so cool about it?

How exactly did you get there?

Can you find it on GoogleMaps and include the GPS coordinates?

We’re always looking for fresh material, corrections, photos and opinions.


1. Send us an email at: yokotatravel@gmail.com

2. Comment in the space below.

We’re always looking for corrections, comments, additions, so comment early and often. Let’s see what bits of brilliance you can add. We can post your comment anonymously or enjoy the glory of a credit line.

To have your input included as a new entry, please explain it like you would to someone who got here a month ago. If you’re providing driving directions, zero your car’s trip meter as you leave one of the Yokota gates and give us kilometer markers, such as “At 1.2 km, turn left at the light.”

Together we know a lot.

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