Sumida Aquarium at Tokyo Skytree

sumida2 by kelly oOur plan for the day was to head to the Skytree. I was surprised when we arrived to see an aquarium at its base: Sumida Aquarium.  After our Skytree tour we decided to check it out since we literally had to pass right by it on our way out.  It isn’t super large but it is brand new and very well done. They had a jellyfish laboratory where they are breeding jellyfish and you can see the jellyfish at all different stages, from 5 days old, 1 month old, 3 months old, etc. It was an impressive collection. They also had some interesting fish which I had never seen before. My kids enjoyed this “Rock Fish”. If you look closely you will see it’s mouth and eyes. There was also a large tank of these fish that look like worms sticking up from sumda 5 by kelly othe sand. I can’t remember their name but they were fun to watch. Of course they have all the usual stuff like penguins and seals and a large tank with shark. It is entirely indoors. We were happy just to be out of the summer heat.

I don’t think I would make a separate trip just for the aquarium, however, if you are planning to visit the Skytree it is worth adding an extra hour or two to your plan if you have children with you.

Open 365 days. Hours are 9:00 – 21:00.  Adults – ¥2,000; HS students – ¥1,500; Jr. HS and Elementary ¥1,000; Children 3 and over – ¥600. – Kelly O’Donnell, July 2013

Find more aquariums: Hakkeijima Sea Paradise; Shinagawa Aquarium; Tokyo Tower; Sunshine City.

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