Spring Flowers near Yokota

Spring is such a magical time in Japan.  Here is a list of some of my favorite places to see spring unfold near Yokota Air Base.  Each location is linked to a full trip report with directions and gps coordinates.  Do you have another favorite place to add?  Great!  Add it in comments or send us an email: yokotatravel@gmail.com.  – Sarah Straus, February, 2014.

sarah straus cherryCherry Blossoms: There are so many great places to see cherry trees in bloom all over greater Tokyo including of course at Yokota.  Typically they bloom late March through early April.  For one prediction of the 2014 Cherry Blossoms see: www.japan-guide.com/e/e2011.html or www.jnto.go.jp/sakura/eng/index.php.

Showa Kinen Park – The cherry orchard is located adjacent to the big center field and the tulip garden.

Tama River walk in Fussa – There is a trail that runs along the Tama River and part of it is lines with Cherry trees.  It is an especially nice place to run or bike.

Koganei Park – There are hundreds of cherry trees here adjacent to the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum.  Time your visit right and you might go on the free museum day.  Photo above taken at Koganie Park on March 28, 2013 – a year the cherry blossoms bloomed very early.

Inokashira Park at Kichijoji – I missed seeing the cherry trees here the last two years but I won’t make that mistake this year!  I’m looking forward to riding a swan boat under the cherry blossoms!

Ueno Park – Ueno park is a popular spot for seeing cherry blossoms in Tokyo.  We don’t have a photo for Ueno park… so if you have one, please share!

Tokyo River Cruise – There are beautiful cherry trees in bloom along the river at Sumida Park in downtown Tokyo.  If you start at Sensoji Temple and head toward the river, you’ll run right into cherry trees, a fabulous playground, and nearby a place to board the boats for a cruise up the river.

sarah straus tulipsTulips at Showa Kinen Park – Don’t miss the amazing tulip garden at Showa Kinen Park in April.  This photo was taken April 10, 2013.

sarah straus poppiesPoppies at Showa Kinen Park – The poppies also bloom in April at Showa Kinen Park and there is a large field of them adjacent to the tulips.  This photo was taken April 10, 2013.

sarah straus azaleasAzalea’s at Shiofune Kannon – The Azaleas at Shiofune bloom late April to early May.  This photo was a bit early in the season, taken on April 22, 2013.

sarah straus irisIrses at Fukiage Iris Park – This Iris park, located near Shiofune Kannon, is a great place to visit in June.  This photo was taken June 15, 2013.


Hamura tulips Rebekah Storman2Rebekah Storman, Feb, 2014: Another great spot for viewing the tulips close to Yokota is in Hamura. Half of the year the fields are planted with rice, once the rice is harvested the tulips are planted. This pic was taken with my phone (not the best quality) on April 8, 2013.  The parking fee was ¥500. No entrance fee to walk through the tulip fields. There’s a “tower” like structure in the middle of the fields to get a bird’s eye view of the tulips. Taka at the Yujo gave me a hand drawn map last year. That’s the best place to go for directions.  GPS: 35.759410, 139.303065.

sarah straus yoshino baigoPlum Trees at Yoshino Baigo:
Unfortunately, they had to cut down all the plum trees due to  a plum pox virus infection in May 2014. According to the website, the park still has other flowers during the spring. (March 2016)
The plum trees bloom first, late February to Mid-March.  One of the best places to see many types of plum trees blooming is Yoshino Baigo, toward Mt. Mitake in Ome.  The photo above was taken March 9th, 2013, which for 2013 was too early to see all of the trees in bloom.  *** I’ve heard there is a problem with the Yoshino Baigo trees and they may need to cut them down and replant***




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