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This area has tons of shops, including: Tokyu, Parco Department Store, Williams-Sonoma, Marui department store, Body Shop, L.L. Bean …  If you find one you think we ought to list here, post a comment.

This multi-story shop is a great place to buy a small gift. It’s a drug store! A Kitchijoji by Jenn B 3stationary store! A kitchen store! It has everything but tires, I think. And all of it is uber cool. The paper department has lovely washi and other Japanese traditional arts. See our entry on LOFT in the Shibuya section.
DIRECTIONS: From the central exit of Hachijoji station, look across the plaza to find the opening to Sun Road, an arcaded shopping street. Walk down Sun Road until you reach an intersection with a traffic light. This is Honchoshindo, and it’s at about the mid-point of Sun Road. Turn left on Honchoshindo. Walk past the Coppice department store. Loft is on the left, just before you reach the next traffic light. Hours: 10:30am-8:30pm. (Closing time varies by an hour on certain days.) Tel: 0422-236-210. GPS: 35.7055908, 139.5788847.

This mall is attached to the Kichijoji station and is far more vast than it first appears. The first floor has a beautiful bakery and other eateries. The lower level has a nice cheap thrill, a chain store called Three Coins. Nearly everything in it costs ¥315, but unlike a ¥100 store, this one has a definite “look.” Kind of West Elm but more feminine. Mall hours: 10am-9pm, although some floors close earlier. Tel.: 0422-221-401.

Village Vanguard
This is a book store with lots of toys and miscellany cramming the aisles. It gets rave reviews. It appears to be right next to Tokyu. Details anyone?

Park Exit of the station
Kichjijoji by Jenn B 2The Marui department store is here as is Yuzawaya, a very large craft store that is said to be a good place to buy Japanese souvenirs. Walk straight out of the station for about a minute, past the glittering pachinko parlors, until you reach a main street called Inokashira Dori.  It’s dominated by Marui, so look for the “OIOI” sign. (The word maru means circle). There’s also a Body Shop, Subway Sandwiches, and L.L. Bean. Continuing on, you will come upon the Inokashira Park—a great place to take your lunch.
Liz Ruskin 2010, photos by Jennifer Bobrowski, July 2013

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  2. We visited Kichijoji the other day and had an excellent time. It was such an easy train ride and a great place to walk around rain or shine. The Loft store had wonderful Christmas bits, Japanese style, and an extensive and interesting range of New Year’s cards and decorations. We found out that next year is the year of the horse, thus the horses decorating everything. As mentioned before, the washi paper selection is superb- a wide selection that focused more on interesting textures and layers rather than lots of graphics, which you find on the papers from Arts and Crafts or Joyful Honda. The Omoshiro-Ya antique kimono shop is an excellent place to while away some time and there is something there for everyone- from 500 yen kimono to obis costing hundreds of dollars. To note- the store hours have changed since the last posting- she is open from 12-6, rather than 10-6. The owner was really helpful in terms of coordinating kimono and obi and spoke English very well! She provided a website to browse, it is in Japanese so google translator would help!

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