Round 1 Iruma

Round One in Iruma is a great place for kids to be active on a rainy day.  Located near Costco, just off Route 16, it is an easy drive and offers a variety of indoor fun for all ages.  For younger kids there is a large, shoes-off play area with a two-story twisty slide, ball shooters, tricycle track, balloon area and it is flanked by free massage chairs.  In the same large space there is also a skating rink, ping pong, billiards, mini bowling, darts and video games.  While the entrance fee is a bit pricey, it is all inclusive – no extra tokens to buy for video games and roller skates are free.  The only extra money you may spend is on food.  There is a small restaurant with American style cuisine including pizza.  Open 10am M-F, 9am Sat, 8am Sundays and holidays.  Prices: I went with two pre-school aged kids on a holiday and paid a total of ¥3500 for 3 hours.  Prices are cheaper during the week.  There is a weekday family rate that comes to ¥600 per person (adults and kids alike) for 3 hours of play.  To get to the play area, enter the building, go up one escalator and then take the elevator to the 5th floor.  This is where you’ll check in and pay at the end.  GPS: 35.828026, 139.375817.
DIRECTIONS: Exit the passenger terminal gate and turn right onto Route 16.  Drive 10 km along Route 16, passing Costco.  About 1 km past Costco turn left onto Route 299.  Round 1 is located 1/2 kilometer down Route 299 on the right.  It is easy to spot from the road once you turn onto Route 299.  Once you pass Round 1 on your right you’ll need to turn around to head back to the parking lot entrance.  No u-turn at the light, but the Mini Stop parking lot can make a good place to turn around.   – Sarah Straus, Kelly O’Donnell,  January 2013.

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  1. The pricing for round one is conditional on the ages of your children. If you have a preschool age child 2-5 the rate for three hours is 680 mon-Thursday, no holiday. Up to two adults (parents or grandparents) are charged the same rate for the three hours. If you don’t have a preschooler, you pay the adult rate of 2090 yen per adult. The elementary and student rates are similar at 1400-1690 yen per kid. So for two adults and two kids not of preschool age you are looking at over 7000 yen. You pay at the end, so hope this helps avoid the surprise of the nominal fees associated with the preschool aged children.

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