Ristorante Galleria Lucenti

*This restaurant has relocated to the below location. The picture and the write-up are from the last location. Please let us know your experience if you dine at the new location!
galleria lucentiItalian food lovers will be happy to find another delicious Italian restaurant so close to base. Located in the front of the Marufuji grocery building, you can park in the Marufuji lot for easy access to this new (opened in 2007) restaurant. Although the staff is still working on a printed English menu, the chef himself came out and explained the menu to my group. I am told that this kind chef comes from a five-star restaurant background. For lunch we chose these dishes: pasta with mushrooms and chicken in a red/cream sauce, pasta with shrimp in a creamy basil sauce, pasta with shrimp and squid in a spicy red sauce. Set price for lunch included salad, bread and the entrée, along with tea or coffee, for about ¥1300. We added dessert onto that and tried a delicious chocolate torte, pistachio cake, and coffee custard pudding. The restaurant is quaint, with nice tablecloths and a clean feel to the interior decoration. Several small tables are in the front of the restaurant and a larger table, good for a group gathering, is in the back of the restaurant. –Alexis Roberts, 2009; photo by Tiffany Carter, Sept 2013.

HOURS: Monday-Saturday 11:30am-3pm lunch(LO 2pm), and 6:00-10:30pm dinner(LO 9:30pm). Sunday and Holidays 6:00pm-9:00pm (LO 8:00pm)
Closed Wednesday.

PHONE: 042-578-9746

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  1. This place has closed down. Unfortunately, There is a Laundromat there now.

    • Thank you very much for letting us know! It seems like the restaurant has relocated to the above location.

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