Japanese restaurant on base: Hana no Mai

The exterior is so unassuming you’d hardly know this eatery exists. But once you walk up the stairs you’ll be greeted by a display showing the lunch specials of the day. The menu is entirely in Japanese, but the display shows you all you need to know. Choose from set A, B, or C, then walk into the surprisingly sunny restaurant. It definitely has a lunchroom feel, but the service staff wear a sharp-looking outfit, the place serves beer and it is even open for dinner. Take a seat and a server will come by to take your order. When I went, both servers spoke great English. Prices hover around ¥500 for a lunch set that includes rice, a small salad, a wee plate of pickles and a main dish. There’s also self-service miso soup to ladle out. Payment is in yen only, but a sign says they take American Express. (Perhaps someone can verify.)  The other items on the menu include:
Ginger pork meal ¥580  
Eggs over rice ¥400
Pork Katsu over rice ¥500
Pork Katsu Curry ¥630
Curry ¥430
Chicken Katsu meal ¥580
Soy sauce ramen ¥380
Plain soba or udon ¥280
Soba or Udon with Tempura ¥350 Onigiri (salmon or sour plum) ¥100.
Hours: Lunch 11-2pm. Dinner:5-10pm
Directions: If you’re going south on Airlift Avenue, you’ll pass the gym (Samurai Fitness Center) on your left, and then an open area with outdoor volleyball courts. The next building, still on the left side of the road, is the Contracting Squadron, clearly labeled. Then there’s a parking lot. Turn into the parking lot. At the far end you’ll see a building with an external concrete stairwell. Walk up the stairs. The restaurant is right there on the second floor.

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  1. Credit cards are accepted – I paid w/ the Club Card (MasterCard) the other day.

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