Lunch House Tatoru/Chicken Shack

It seems every small restaurant selling chicken is called the chicken shack. This take-out restaurant close to the base serves white chicken meat and has several other delicious dishes. This is one of my kids favorite places.

DIRECTIONS: Take a right out the Fussa Gate onto Route 16. Turn left at the first light. Go over the railroad tracks. Turn right at the first light. In a few blocks there will be a 7/11 store on your left. A few buildings after the 7/11 is a small building with an orange awning. This is it! Just park on the side of the road. Hours: 9:30am – 9pm. Telephone: 042-553-4896

Dawn Leach

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  1. Thank you so much for posting! I always hear about places to eat near base but they use all these strange nicknames, and when it’s time for me to go out and eat I don’t know where they are. I’ve heard of them, but don’t remember what they said. Coming to this website with the nickname (Chicken Shack) in the title post was very important to see.


    Here is the place.
    Actually the 7-11 is on your right and the restaurant appears *before* you hit the 7-11.
    Map attached for clarification.

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