Kourakuen – Ramen for a Song

 We like this chain of ramen restaurants because they’re good, consistent, cheap and have a great kid’s meal. Did I mention cheap?
The picture menu makes ordering a snap. A huge steaming bowl of noodle goodness, with veggies and meat, comes to less than ¥500. The menu shows dishes under three categories, based on broth flavor:
みそ味 – Miso
塩味 – Salty
醤油味 – Soy
A meal set — noodles with gyoza (Chinese moon-shaped dumplings), fried rice or a small vegetable plate — costs a few coins more. You can also get a combo that is a plate of gyoza and a half portion of ramen.
Best of all is the kids menu. For ¥300 I can buy my son a lunch of ramen, fried rice, a drink and a candy. It even comes with a special coin he can put in the vending machine by the door to get a small toy.
At our closest branch, there was a small lunch rush at 11:45. Just add your name to the list at the podium. We wrote it in English, gave the number in our party and circled テーブル (“Taberu” for “table”.) The other choice is カウンタ (“Countah” or counter.) We were seated within five minutes.
Another nice thing about this chain is that they’re everywhere in Japan, so wherever you are you’ll be within reach of a good cheap restaurant that suits adults as well as kids.
DIRECTIONS to branch nearest the East Gate: Set your odometer to zero as you exit the East Gate and turn left. Turn right at the first light (0.2km) by the 7-11. Continue straight down this narrow road to the four-way intersection  at 1.3km. Turn left and drive to the next light. Kourakuen is immediately past the light, on the left. It’s a black building, across the road from the Aeon Mall, with a sign that has large black Kanji in the middle, sandwiched by lines of smaller red characters above and below. Hours: 11am-2am. Tel.: 042-520-7144. GPS: 35.74532, 139.38265. Christina De Los Santos, 2011

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  1. We took a long walk here but it was so worth it. The food was great and our Daughter loved the kids meal. We had two large bowls of Ramen, two orders of Gyoza and a kids meal = Cost$16.00. We are looking forward to make this a regular location.

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