Jesse James

This nostalgic, rustic-looking restaurant serves American-style food and plays recorded jazz. It has a varied menu including chili con carne, shrimp fajitas, chicken, pizza and steaks. Entrees range from ¥800-1500 with steaks ¥1800-3400. The first few pages of the menu are in Japanese, but English can be found near the back. Kimiyoshi Endo, the owner, and at least one waitress speak a considerable amount of English and can explain dishes to you if needed. Jesse James, which holds 45 people, will host parties with a one-week notice. Whiskey/ bourbon drinkers can purchase bottles from JJ and leave the bottles for their own use. The food is tasty, the ambiance wonderful and the prices reasonable, but keep in mind the ¥600 per person sitting fee and 13% tax (four of us spent ¥10,850). There are also Jesse James restaurants in Tachikawa (042-525-9360) and Mitake (042-255-4497), as well as Fussa (042-551-4222). Parking in Fussa is limited, but it is a short walk from the Fussa Gate. Hours: 5pm -12am. Telephone: 042-551-4222.
DIRECTIONS: Go straight out the Fussa Gate and cross one set of railroad tracks. At the stoplight, a “Y” intersection, bear left and cross one more set of railroad tracks. Proceed through one stoplight and Jesse James will be about half a block down on the right side. The sign is in English and has black letters on a white background. The front of the restaurant looks like a log cabin. Karen Ozment, 2001

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