Japanese Garden near The New Sanno

park by sarah strausArisugawanomiya Memorial Park has a large and beautiful Japanese garden near The New Sanno and Hiroo Sation.  Koi ponds, elegant bridges, pathways and a playground grace this public park which also houses the Tokyo Metropolitan Library. It is a nice stroll from the The New Sanno and you can pick up some pastries at Burdigala along the way.  Great for kids and adults alike.
Directions: Exit The New Sanno on foot and turn left.  Turn left again onto a narrow road between The New Sanno and the French Embassy.  This is a narrow street without much traffic.  The park entrance will be on the right after a 5 minute walk. – Sarah Straus, October 2012

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  1. Bring bug spray! This park has a big pond and the mosquitos are plentiful. It also has a lot of stone stairs, making it not so stroller friendly. I would recommend a baby carrier like a Bjorn if you are bringing a little one. It has a traditional play ground with swings, slides, jungle gym, etc. The playground is more for the toddler and pre-school set (5 and under). My 7 year old was a little bored at the playground. If it’s hot there is a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream shop right at the entrance.

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