Irori no Sato – Train Restaurant

train5 by kelly odonnellFor a unique dining experience consider checking out “Irori no Sato” near Kokubunji. Your food is delivered via a steam locomotive to your private dining room! They have a total of 30 private dining rooms; 15 for hori-kotatsu to enjoy fresh sea foods, beef and vegetables that you grill yourself. They also have 15 more private dining rooms for shabushabu, crab sukiyaki and other nabe cooking. These are the rooms where the food is delivered via the train that pulls right up to your table! Since there are only private rooms and no small tables or shared dining room,  it is best to try Irori no Sato when you have a large group – perhaps a going away party, a culture group, relatives visiting from out of town, etc. Children are welcome. I did see several train4 by kelly odonnellJapanese children enjoying the trains. However, unless they are willing to eat the shabu-shabu or rice there may not be too much they would enjoy eating. It is a fun experience for them though. They are open for lunch and dinner. Please note that there are no chairs, everyone eats sitting Japanese style on tatami mats. Also, the grounds itself are gorgeous with waterfalls, koi ponds and beautiful trees. It feels like you are nestled inside a little park. It was like a little oasis.  Average dinner price: 3000, Lunch: 980.  Call to make reservations – usually booked 10 days out.  GPS:  35.718442,139.470815. – Kelly O’Donnell, May 2013
DIRECTIONS: It only took us 20 minutes to drive from Yokota.  It is located off Route 7, heading east from base toward Koganei Park.   Phone: 048-282-2228.  Webpage:

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