Takiyama Park

This park, about 30 minutes from Yokota, is an inexpensive getaway. The park has picnic tables and an area large enough for softball. The size of the park is fantastic. It has monuments, a shrine, bridges and a pavilion. There is a soda machine if you get thirsty while trekking through the woods. It is a perfect place to reflect on nature. The park used to be the grounds of a castle.

DIRECTIONS: Go straight out the Supply Gate. Cross two sets of tracks. At the third light after the second set of tracks turn left (Ushihama Post Office Intersection, Steak House on right). Continue straight on this road for about 1.5km, through four lights. You will pass a Saizeriya and Bamiyan on the left, and a Family Mart and Denny’s on the right. At the 5th light turn right (onto Mutsumi-bashi Dori at the Uchide Koban Intersection). Cross the Tama River on the 4-lane bridge. Continue to the 4th light (counting the light at the end of the bridge) and turn left on a 2-lane road with a bicycle shop on the corner (Ogawa Intersection). Stay on this road for 3km as it crosses a small river and travels along the base of the hills for awhile. Follow the road over a hill and through the woods into the next valley. At the first signal after going over the hill, turn left (Tangimachi 3 Intersection—This road is 411, although it is not marked as such at this intersection). Take the very first left off of this road onto a VERY small road that looks like a driveway less than 100 meters (0.1 km) after you get onto it. It is just past the gas station that sits on the far right corner of the intersection. It will wind up a steep and narrow road into the park. If you come to another signal you have gone too far. Melody Hostetler, Brian Marriott 12/01


Hachioji Station Shopping: SOGO Department Store, Virgin CD, Body Shop, Disney Store, Tokyu Square (smaller mall), Tower Records, Crabtree & Evelyn, Crazy Shirts, Nature Trail, Mister Donuts, McDonalds and Subway Sandwiches

Don’t miss the shopping in Hachioji, just 24 minutes and ¥230 yen from Higashi-Fussa station. As you turn right out of the Hachioji Station, you will see the department store SOGO. Go downstairs or use the escalator, turn left and straight ahead is the department store OIOI (MARUI) with a big sign on it saying VIRGIN CD which is located in the basement of the department store. Once you enter the store towards your left you will see the Body Shop on the first floor. Tokyu Square is located directly across from the JR Hachioji Train Station and you will see an advertisement on the front of the building of the Disney Store located on the 3rd floor. Tokyu Square is a very nice, “small mall” type in itself. As you enter Tokyu Square, immediately on your left is Crabtree & Evelyn – Body Shop (personal products shop). Proceed up the escalator and on the second floor is Nature Trail (clothing), and on the third floor two stores away from the Disney Store is Crazy Shirts from Hawaii (mostly T-shirts, sweatshirts, handkerchiefs, golf items; all a bit more expensive than their catalog which you can request and place on-line orders at www.crazyshirts.com). Directly past Tokyu Square or behind it, you will find Tower Records on the 5th floor, where CDs range from ¥1800 yen-¥2300, with the latest single CDs available ranging from ¥600-1000.

TRAIN DIRECTIONS: Take the train from the Higashi-Fussa station and go four stops to Hachioji Station. At Hachioji Station, get off the train and proceed up the steps towards the exit and turn right out of the train station. Kathleen A. Vactor


Hachioji Station Eating

If the shopping at the Hachioji Station wears you out, there are several American-style restaurants to choose from. In Tokyu Station, right across from Nagasakiya is Subway Sandwiches, open 10am-10pm. Several shops down is Mister Donuts open 7am-10pm. McDonalds is also in Hachioji.
TRAIN DIRECTIONS: Take the train from the Higashi-Fussa station and go four stops to the Hachioji Station. At Hachioji Station, get off the train and proceed up the steps towards the exit and turn right out of the train station. To continue to Tokyu Square, exit the department store and go across the street (look for the sign on the outside of the Disney Store). Kathleen A. Vactor

Baghdad Café
Baghdad Cafe is located close to the Hachioji train station. Its décor is somewhat dark and “cozy”—not too large, with tables and chairs scattered in interesting niches around the room and some lights along the walkways under grate-type flooring—with a definite foreign mystique about the place. There were a few gaming tables (roulette, poker, blackjack) but none were used while we were there. The luncheon menu – a.k.a the placemat – had nine entrees with pork, chicken, hamburger, or spaghetti. The ample portions had a slightly spicy flavor, but not overdone. All luncheons were ¥780 and included hot vegetables, salad bar, and either cola, tea or coffee (a refill is ¥300). Beer, wine, and cocktails were ¥380 per glass. The salad bar had a dozen bowls containing fresh fruit, vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, sauces, and dressings.The dinner menu has an entertaining long narrow black cover, filled with white pages and sketches in black. There is a long list of cocktails, “hors d’oeurves froid”, salads, side dishes, pizza, seafood and pasta. The last two pages showed a picture of a roulette wheel with an explanation of the game along with some poker hands and black jack odds. I imagine dinner time is for adults but the lunch could be a family outing.
TRAIN DIRECTIONS: Go to the Hachioji Station. Exit towards Central Hachioji and turn left, going around the square toward the pedestrian street walkway. Baghdad Cafe is 4 or 5 blocks down on the left. Hours: Lunch 11am-5pm, Dinner starts at 5:30pm. Telephone? Judith McKay, date?

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