Gyoza no Mansyu

If your family is fond of the mostly pork potstickers (moon-shaped dumplings) served at ramen and Chinese restaurants in Japan, check out the gyoza place on the other side of Fussa Station. There is an English picture menu. Eat in or take-out. One six-pack of gyoza with fried rice was ¥630 while a double order for ¥500 came with a side of white rice. Open from 11am, orders taken until 9:30pm; Tel. 042-539-7722.
DIRECTIONS: Go out the West exit of the Fussa train station, (not the side you’d exit for Seiyu or Yokota Air Base).  Cross the street. The restaurant is nearly opposite the Daiso 100 Yen Store, just a stone’s throw from the station. Negley and McDaniel, 2010

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