Getting your car fixed

Auto repair shops

  • AAFES garage: On Yokota’s West Side, Bldg. 1293. (Sometimes called the BX Garage or the Auto Care Center.) Does JCI inspections and some repairs. 1-214-261-2114 or DSN 976-2114. Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm, Sat 9-5. Sun Closed
  • Ushihama’s Garage: A number of people recommend Ushihama’s. It is across Rt. 16 from the base, between the Fussa and Terminal gates. It’s at the Shorin Dori intersection, by George’s used car lot. The owner speaks English. Tel. 042-553-0350
  • Auto Skills Center: 30-minute oil changes, minor repair services, parts ordering, do-it-yourself auto repairs, and auto repair classes. Located near the high school. Building 4086. DSN: 225-7623.

Auto Parts Stores

  • Autobacs: Autobacs is a chain of automotive parts stores. The closest can be reached by turning left out the East Gate then turning right at the first light. Go through one light until the road ends at the second light. Turn right. Autobacs will be before the next light on your right.
  • Driver Stand: On Yanagi Dori, two lights past Do-It. Drive straight out the Fussa Gate. Bear to the right at the “Y”. Turn right at the second light past the “Y.” Go straight for about 4.5 km. It will be after Sabaecho 2 Intersection, but before Sabaecho 1 Intersection. A second Driver Stand is on Shin Ome Kaido, just before the Yellow Hat (see below).
  • Yellow Hat: On Shin Ome Kaido, just beyond Outdoor World. Turn left out the East Gate. At the first light turn right. Go through one light until the road ends at the second light. Turn left. Drive straight through three lights until the road ends at the fourth light (Shin Ome Kaido, Mos Burger on the left). Turn right onto Shin Ome Kaido and drive for about 3.5 km. Yellow Hat is on the right with a large English sign, just past Drivers Stand.

Brian Marriott. Updated 2011.

How to buy a car from a private individual
Once you’ve agreed to buy someone’s car, start by getting insurance. Take the car information, including serial number, or the entire packet of documents if the owner will part with them. Two of the most convenient places to buy insurance are the agency in the Yujo Center and George’s Insurance, right next to Blue Seal ice cream shop (go out the Supply Gate, turn right on Route 16 and it’s on the corner at the first light.)
Next, the buyer and seller should go to Pass & Registration, at the Supply Gate. The owner will have to scrape the round sticker off the windshield. The folks behind the desk will give the new owner  a temporary base pass. Now, you bounce like a pingpong ball between Pass & Reg and your insurance agents. It’s easy enough. Just follow their instructions. They’ll tell you where you need to go.
Remember, as you’re withdrawing cash for the purchase, to get a few hundred dollars more than the purchase price to cover insurance, registration and fees. Liz Ruskin, 2012.


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  1. The phone number for Ushihama garage is wrong. That is the number for the body shop only. I think they are related, that’s why the same name. The real number is 042-551-0602.

  2. The phone number for Ushihama Garage is wrong, 042-553-0350 is for Ushihama Body Shop by the Terminal Gate (Gate 5). Ushihama Garage’s phone number is 042-551-0602

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