Gandi Indian Bangla Restaurant

To satisfy a craving for Indian food, visit Gandi. The lunch set is ¥630 (including tax) with a drink for ¥105. A ¥840 lunch special advertised on the door included a small salad, nan bread, and vegetable curry. The menu is in English and the spice levels range from 1-4, with 1 = mild. Other dishes include chicken masala (¥1,155), fish masala (¥1,050), chicken curry (¥893), while vegetarian dishes range from ¥683-945. Tandoori barbeque is ¥550-1100, while one piece of nan (enough for two) is ¥298 (flavored nan is higher). The refreshing yogurt lassi drink is ¥368.
DIRECTIONS: Head straight out the Fussa Gate, veer right at the “Y” intersection, and turn right at the second light. Go past the entrance corner to the Fussa Seiyu parking garage and continue 1.4 km toward Hamura station (13 lights). Gandi is located in a small saffron yellow building on a far left corner of Yanagi Dori (about 2 blocks before the big McDonalds). Turn left into the parking lot past the building; Gandi has spaces 14-16 plus two other unmarked spaces just next to the building. (Gandi is a four-minute walk from the East Exit of Hamura Station.) Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-2:30pm lunch; 5-9:30 pm dinner. Telephone: 042-579-2485 . Teresa Negley, Julie Hudson, 2009

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  1. I’ve visited Gandhi on several occasions with my friends and this is my go-to place for Indian food. They have great tasting Saag naan (spinach naan) and savory curry. I love coming here!

  2. This was one of our top 5 favorite restaurants when we were stationed at Yokota from 2008 to 2011. It’s also top on our list for first meal in Japan when we get back in 2015. So happy to be getting stationed at Yokota again!

  3. I’ve been a big pusher for everyone to eat at KCs Diner, as that was the best curry I’ve had since being stationed here ’07-’10. Today I ate here, and as amazing as KCs Diner is, this place is even better. Highly recommended!

  4. Also! I would like to make a correction to the location posted above. On google maps and in this guide, it is currently showing on the mentioned corner. However they are currently doing construction in this area and Gandi has moved right down the street to the west.

    If you follow the directions and are heading north, you make a left on the street towards the train tracks, driving down past the bike parking area and it will be a smaller yellow building on the left with an Indian flag showing.

  5. The food is great but be aware they allow smoking.

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