Zonavoce, an Italian lunch spot

You know this place is special the moment you walk in. Zonavoce is a beautiful restaurant that has a warm brick and wood interior. With its high ceilings, it feels airier and more tranquil than most places near here. The menu is limited but everything is fresh and wholesome. Lunch sets start from about ¥1,000 for mushroom pasta  or minestrone, with all-you-can-eat tossed salad, plus self-serve tea or coffee. Wood oven-fired pizzas come in a rotating variety of flavors, usually including Basil Margarita for ¥1,100. Add ¥380 for a set with self-service salad, bread and drinks.  The set is great, because the salad bar has nice fresh greens and the bread is delicious. (Did I mention the place is also a bakery?) The restaurant is half a block from Fukushimaya Supermarket, a related store that promotes organic and natural food. Added bonus: It’s near the Hamura Zoo! Store hours: 9am-9pm. Zonavoce: 11:30am-3pm (last order 2pm). www.fukushimaya.net/shopinfo/shop_market.html. If you like this restaurant, you may also like another restaurant by the same owner: Shikisai Buffet.  Tel. 042-570-0744. GPS: 35.7624, 139.3209.
DIRECTIONS:  Turn right out Fussa Gate, or left out the Terminal Gate (0km). Turn at the “T” the intersection signposted  “Shorin Dori Ent.”, 0.6km from either gate. (This is the intersection where George’s used car dealership is, near Ushihama Garage.)  Cross the tracks. Drive through two lights. Turn right onto a four-lane divided road at 1.2km. (Marked 249 on Google Maps. Metal Black Cat shipping depot will be on your right.) Go straight on this major road until the intersection signposted “Hamura Sta.” at 3.3km. (“Eagle Best Car Shop” on your right.) Turn left at this traffic light. The restaurant is ahead, on your left (3.4km), with a small parking lot adjacent to the building, just before it. For the Fukushimaya supermarket, continue down the same street about a block, toward Hamura station. The store, a large pinkish building with a sign in English over the awning, will be on your right. Teresa Negley and Julie Hudson, 2010. Directions updated 2012.

Fussa Gate to Zonavoce

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  1. Here’s a website with pictures and a mpa for Zonavoce:

  2. My friend took me to Zonavoce today and what a delight! Warm, brick and wood interior; delicious, fresh food; few selections but very fresh bread and salad bar all you can eat; fabulous coffee and great selection of teas/drinks… great price! Lots of families there with kids. Makes for a wonderful lunch spot. Close to Hamura zoo.

  3. Absolutely the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life! Wood fired pizza in a 750+ degrees Fahrenheit oven, authentic San Marzano tomatoes, wild yeast, and butter from Hokkaido. Delicious bread, superb pizza!! Seriously, you need to try this place before you leave Fussa and PCS out, I highly highly recommend it!

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