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Tamra Honchul Fujiya CameraFujiya Camera, located near Nakano station, carries a wide selection of new and used camera bodies, lenses and other gear.  The store is about 70 years old, well staffed, and easy to get to by train on the JR Chuo line heading toward Tokyo.  Small, but jam packed, the store is two stories, with Canon, Sony and other camera types on the first floor and Nikon upstairs.  When my friend and I went there were a number of customers calling in for prices and staff were hurrying around on phones grabbing cameras off the shelf.  Camera’s are rated from A (best quality) through AB+, AB, AB-, B and so on.  Run their webpage through a google translator and click on “common questions” to get a description of these ratings.  You’ll also find an online store with their new and used camera prices so you can do a little research before going.  Webpage: www.fujiya-camera.co.jp.  I did buy a used camera body there and was told that I had 10 days to return it if there was a camera defect.  Also it came with a 6 month repair warranty.  There are no returns on new lenses.  If you go I suggest the following: 1. Do your homework ahead of time and know specifically what you are shopping for.  It would be a good idea to have a print out of the camera/lenses you want that includes a price in dollars so you can compare.  2. Be aware that it is a tightly packed place and not the most kid friendly.  3. Understand how their used cameras are ranked and look the camera over carefully before buying.  You should be able to turn on the camera and check it out or put used lenses onto your camera before purchase.  4. If you buy a used camera body, ask the staff to change the language to English for you.

If you start looking around, there are a number of new and used camera stores all over Tokyo, particularly in Akihabara.  I’ve not shopped at those, so cannot compare stores or prices.  Fujiya Camera is open 10am – 8:30pm.  GPS 35.707473, 139.668425.

sarah straus nakano stationDIRECTIONS: Take the train to Tachikawa.  From Tachikawa take a Chuo line train toward Tokyo.  I would recommend a commuter special rapid if you can catch one as both the rapid and commuter special rapids stop in Nakano.  It is the last major stop before Shinjuku.  When you get off the train, head toward the large, arched sun mall (see photo above).  It is fun to poke around in here too!  But rather than enter the arched Sun mall entrance, turn right and then turn left on the first little side street with the KFC on it.  From here I think we just took the next right and found it. – Sarah Straus, Jan 2014, top photo by Tamra Honchul, Feb 2014.

Comments: A friend and I took her old Canon into Fujiya Camera store for a trade in and she was able to complete the transaction all at once.  While she looked at the camera she was interested in, the guy helping her looked her camera over then offered her an amount for the camera.  It all went smoothly and my friend was able to get some money knocked off the used camera she upgraded to. – Sarah Straus, June 2014.

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