Fuji Safari Park

Fuji Safari Park makes for a great day trip, especially fun for families.   Drive your own car through the park for the price of admission or pay extra to ride the park bus or take a walking tour.  Riding the bus will allow a much needed break from the car and give you a chance to feed animals like the bears, lions, and camels. My kids loved this part. Make sure to bring yen for other activities such as horse and pony rides and feeding the kangaroos.  Bring your own food or buy food at restaurants found in the park.  They serve reasonably priced basic dishes such as curry, ramen soup, salad, and donburi. Credit cards accepted.  Be sure to bring your camera! Not only might you get some fun photos at the park, but also it is a great place to take photos of or with Mt Fuji.   The park is stroller friendly and you can leave your stroller at the ticket office during the bus ride.  As a side note, save time to check out the roller slide park in the town of Susano just a short fifteen minutes from the park.
General Admission 2012: Adults ¥2,700, children age 4 – jr high ¥1,500.  Additional cost for bus tour: ¥1,200 per person, children aged 2 and under free. Walking safari open late March through Nov 30, ¥500 per person, age 4 and under free. Open Daily: Summer: 9am-5pm, Winter (Nov 1- Mar 15): 10am – 3:30pm. Coupons are available online and by using your point card before major purchases (like food and the gift store) you can earn points towards a free ticket, good for one year. – Megan Miller entry & photos, November 2012.
Directions  Following our GPS it took us 3 hours to get there on the Tomei expressway but only 1.5 hrs on the way back taking the Chuo.  So, I recommend taking the Chuo there too.  Be sure to look at a map before you go even if you have a GPS.  Go to the Yujo for a map and the guys there can answer any further questions.  GPS Coordinates: 35.260303, 138.810489.  Phone 055-998-1311. 
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  1. If you are having trouble deciding whether to go the Fuji Safari Park or the Gumna Safari Park, our family thought that the Fuji Safari Park was, on the whole, better. At Fuji Safari Park there are a lot more opportunities to get close to, and pet, both domestic and exotic animals. However, the domestic animal exhibits (cats, dogs and rabbits) were 500yen per person, and kids under 2 are not allowed to enter. At various periods, you can also feed the kangaroos and porcupines for 50yen – a highlight for us. We didn’t take the feeding bus at Fuji, like we did at the Gumna Safari Park. We just drove our car through the park, and followed a feeding bus. This gave us a clear and ‘uncaged’ view of the animals. We also found that the Safari section of the Fuji park (there is another section with contained animals, included in admission) was a lot bigger and had a greater variety, and number, of animal species than Gumna Safari Park. If you plan on taking one of the many feeding buses, look into trip times. Buses leave every 30mins, but when we arrived at midday, on a Friday in summer, there was almost a 3 hour wait.
    Gumna, while slightly smaller, it does have an amusement park for elementary-aged school kids with a fair-like feel.

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