Edo Wonderland in Nikko

edo wonderland odonnellEdo Wonderland in Nikko is sort of like Colonial Willimsburg for the Edo period of Japan. The whole park recreates the Edo period with buildings from the era and actors and actresses all in costume of the day interacting with the crowds. The best part are the ninjas! There are many shows throughout the day to watch the ninjas. They also walk around so there are many free photo opportunities. For an extra fee you can have your kids dress up as ninjas. The ninja costume rental was pricey at 3,900¥ per child, however, they were able to wear it for the entire day and it made for great photos and lots of fun. The costume rental is near the entrance so if you plan on doing it I recommend getting it first thing upon arrival. They will hold your street clothes for you so that you don’t have to carry them around. There were other less expensive costume rentals too, including kimonos for adults.

edo wonderland odonnellBesides the shows there are also concerts, a boat ride around the park, and some huge koi that the kids really enjoyed feeding. While some restaurants are available they are all Japanese. I was happy that I had packed a lunch for my kids as there was nothing there that mine would have eaten. There were some picnic tables available and vending machines are available for drinks.

edo wonderland odonnellDay passes include admission to all the shows. The cost is 4,500¥ for adults and 2,300¥ for children 7-12. Children ages 6 and under are free! Check their website for additional discounts that are often available to print. Also, the Youth Center and ITT often have bus trips from base. This is a great option because you get a discount for group admission and don’t have the pay the 700¥ parking fee or tolls. – Kelly O’Donnell, November 2013.


edo wonderland odonnellFor more information check their webpage: www.edowonderland.net/html/en/.

If anyone gets GPS coordinates for this location, please let us know!

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