Cheese and Olive

Cheese and Olive specializes in sandwiches such as the Hawaiian, potato bacon, mushroom eggplant, submarine and cabbage bacon. Don’t let the combinations scare you: these sandwiches are fantastic! Ranging from ¥950-1500, the sandwiches, made on thick, fresh bakery bread with homemade mayonnaise, are also served with sliced homemade pickles, onions and french fries. The owner, Mr. Yoshi, loves Texas and it is obvious in his decor and the country-western videos that are always playing. Cheese and Olive has four wooden tables that seat up to five people each and has five tree stump bar stools. English is spoken and you may call ahead to reserve the restaurant for parties.
DIRECTIONS: Go straight out the Fussa Gate and cross one set of railroad tracks. At the “Y” intersection, bear left and cross one more set of railroad tracks. At the second light after the train tracks, the Fussa Post Office will be in front of you, toward the right. Turn right. Go through two stoplights and the road will curve slightly to the left. Cheese and Olive is on the curve, on the left-hand side. There are four parking spots in front. Hours: 11am – 9:30 pm. Closed Tuesday. Telephone: 042-552-2315.
ALTERNATE DIRECTIONS: Go out the Fussa Gate and turn right. At the first stoplight, turn left and cross one set of railroad tracks. Turn right at the next stoplight. Go to the second stoplight and turn left. Continue through one light and go under the underpass to the stoplight. Then turn left, and go through one stoplight and Cheese and Olive will be down on the right-hand side.  Karen Ozment,  2010.

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  2. Cheese and Olive now has an english website, for those of you who wish to peruse the menu and learn a little bit about the owner before you go. 🙂

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