Bikkuri Donkey

Once you have noticed the red, green and yellow signs for the Bikkuri Donkey restaurant chain, you will see them everywhere. The meals here are mainly hamburger patty combinations. There are also some curry rice, spaghetti choices, and large salads. This is a great place for kids and has a comfortable family feel to it. The restaurants have large wooden menus with pictures, so the language barrier is not a big problem. Very generous servings come on large wooden platters. Lunch is reasonable: ¥580 including rice and soup, or ¥660 with coffee.
DIRECTIONS: The restaurant nearest base is on the same road as Seiyu. Go straight out the Fussa Gate, cross the first set of train tracks and stay to the right at the “Y” intersection. Turn right at the second traffic light after the “Y” and go past Seiyu. The restaurant is on the corner on your near left just before the 7th light (Fussarokusho Intersection). It is just past Saizeriya (on the right), and the sign is in katakana only. There is parking underneath the building. A second one can be found right next to the McDonalds on the left hand side of Route 16 at the corner, 4 lights north of the underpass, across from the 1st Route 16 Truck Stop. Hours: 11am – 2am.Telephone: 0425-68-7926. Kyoko Bissell, 2010

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