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YokotaTravel.com is brought to you by the Yokota Spouses’ Club. Much of the material here is from the Yokota Travelog, a guidebook that was assembled as a public service by volunteers for members of the Yokota Air Base community in Tokyo, Japan. The book is out of print, but this website is part of an ongoing effort to keep the information accessible and expand the number of places covered.
Disclaimer: The opinions herein do not necessarily represent those of the U.S. government, the Air Force, US Forces Japan, the base itself, the Family Support Center, or the Yokota Spouses’ Club. The names of business establishments, tourist attractions and the like do not represent endorsements but are instead references for community residents. ¬†Information in this book is intended as encouragement to community members to venture forth and experience new things.
3 thoughts on “About Us
  1. Dear Ms. Brunson,
    I have done a lot of traveling in Japan, most recently by rental car. I would be happy to write up a report but I have a few questions. It occurs to me (based on my experience as an Army lieutenant in Panama in the past) that readers probably have their US cars in Japan so they don’t have built-in GPS navigation systems. Is this correct?

    As far as I can tell all Japanese rental cars and newer domestic Japanese cars with navigation systems can use MapCodes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denso_mapcode), a system unique to Japan. This makes traveling along a planned route much easier as each stop can be assigned a unique MapCode that you can punch into the navigation system. I’m sure it won’t work for US systems since it only works in Japan with their “unique” address system. That is why I have read about people coming up with other navigation apps for their phones, etc.

    If you think that your readers would be interested in learning about using MapCodes, if they rent or use domestic Japanese cars, I would be happy to write something up. If you have time you can look at my free website, http://www.drivejapan.info, where I am posting pre-planned itineraries (still adding itineraries monthly).

    1. Walter thank you for your interest in sharing your experience with our readers. I personally have a Japanese car. I do have a GPS built in but since I do not speak Japanese I do not use it. I believe most people use Google maps. That being said I would love to learn what you have to share. Please feel free to send a write up. There are so many different types of travelers that read our blog, I am sure someone will greatly benefit from your shared information.

  2. Lived at Yokota AFB way back in the early 80s. Happened here, looking up Summerland, which my third grade class went to visit.

    I’m very pleased that things seem to be going well with those stationed there!

    Rob Swenson
    SGT, U.S. Army (Ret)

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