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YokotaTravel.com is brought to you by the Yokota Spouses’ Club. Much of the material here is from the Yokota Travelog, a guidebook that was assembled as a public service by volunteers for members of the Yokota Air Base community in Tokyo, Japan. The book is out of print, but this website is part of an ongoing effort to keep the information accessible and expand the number of places covered.
Meet the Editor, Deena Brunson

You also play a pivotal role as a contributor when you share your travels and experiences with us.  We welcome submissions of articles, pictures, and important information from your adventures here in Fussa and beyond. To submit your stories email us at editor at yokotatravel dot com . We look forward to hearing from you. 

Disclaimer: The opinions herein do not necessarily represent those of the U.S. government, the Air Force, US Forces Japan, the base itself, the Family Support Center, or the Yokota Spouses’ Club. The names of business establishments, tourist attractions and the like do not represent endorsements but are instead references for community residents.  Information in this book is intended as encouragement to community members to venture forth and experience new things.

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