Tony’s Tonkatsu House

tonys by kelly 4This little hole-in-the-wall is tucked away in the heart of Fussa City. Tony’s Tonkatsu is run by the chef, Mr. Yoshio (Tony) Torikoshi. Tonkatsu (deep fried breaded pork cutlet) is their specialty. It’s not all pork. You can also get dishes featuring cheese or vegetables. The catch is, they’re wrapped in pork and deep-fried, too! The prawn dish is an exception. It’s breaded and fried, but without the pork. Every dish is worth trying! All dishes are served with Japanese pickles, a little appetizer plate, miso soup, rice and salad. Prices range from ¥800-1950. The menus are in English and Romaji (romanized Japanese). Although reservations are not required for 6 or less, you should make one on weekend evenings. The restaurant is small, with low tables on tatami mats and bar stools at the counter. There is also a party room, accommodating 20. Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11am-2pm and 5-8pm. Telephone: 042-552-0419.
tonys by kelly 3DIRECTIONS: Go straight out the Supply Gate. Cross two sets of railroad tracks. After crossing the second set of tracks, continue straight through four traffic lights. Shortly after the fourth light, you will start to go downhill. There will be a traffic light at the bottom of the hill, with a blue pedestrian bridge overhead. Take a left here and go straight until the third light. Take a left at this light (Marufuji Supermarket on left). Tony’s Tonkatsu House is across the street from the parking lot.  GPS: 35.7253, 139.3343.  Jean Kuramoto, Delores Street, 2010, photos by Kelly O’Donnell July 2013.
Tonys by Kelly O
May 2012, Pamela Tubbs: Hubby and I enjoyed a super tonkatsu set meal…for just ¥1200, Torikoshi-san and his wife served us a huge feast (by Japanese standards!), including a chunk of pre-cut super-sweet pineapple for dessert (no charge!). This is a sweet little “mom-n-pop” (family lives above their restaurant) place on the corner. Sit at the counter to get a detailed view of all the military and U.S.-themed kitsch stuck on nearly every vertical surface! Note: ash trays on the tables meant one thing–we were lucky to be there with only one other customer, who wasn’t smoking! Tips to avoid the crowd (particularly smokers): go during the week (don’t forget–closed on Mondays), and get there early– they open at 5:00 p.m. There’s plenty of free parking in Marufuji’s parking lot (behind Marufuji, beside Tony’s). Enjoy!

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  1. Gabrielle Khamone

    Tony’s is one of my family’s favorite local eating spot. Their food is delicious and the prices are extremely reasonable. We always order the tonkatsu set meal which comes with rice, soup, pasta salad, and our favorite…pineapple. It is also very kid-friendly. The owners love when we bring our son there.

  2. It’s been 15 years since we’ve been to Tony’s (back now, left Yokota in 99). What a great experience. Last time I was there we took Mr. Bob Learn Jr. who at the time held the Guiness Book of World Records for perfect bowling games. How neat it was to see his photo still on the wall. The food as usual at Tony’s was PHENOMENAL. Thank you Tony for a great 27th Anniversary for my wife and I…

  3. While chatting among the 374th med group, my friend suggested this place. After eating there, I was so satisfied and felt loved. I wholeheartedly recommend Tony’s Tonkatsu place for people who want to eat homestyle Japanese cuisine, like the type of food you’d eat if you were invited to a Japanese home and the host served you dinner. It is not comparable to the other restaurants, where the food is served like mass produced products without the tender loving care that the chef put in.

  4. We were stationed at Yokota in the early 80s and Tony’s was our favorite spot way back then. It is so great to see the restaurant is still in business and Tony looking well. The food there is the best I’ve ever had. My children were small at that time and remember it as well. It was phenomenal.

  5. I was stationed at Yokota from 1992 – 1999. Tony’s was one of our very favorite places to eat. I must have eaten there 5 or 6 times a year. I’m very glad to see the place is still open!

  6. The hours here are dinner only. Lunch is 11-2pm, Dinner is 5-8pm. Menu:

  7. My husband and I were stationed here 1992-1996. This was our very favorite place! After every deployment or exercise, this is where we went to get a fantastic meal and unwind. So glad to see Tony is still around and serving! Can’t find that kind of delicious katsu here in the States. If we go back to visit, we’re definitely stopping in and introducing our kids to this cuisine!

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