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Kanotoiwa Rock

Kanotoiwa Rock 2Near Hinohara Waterfalls is a beautiful rock cliff, with a narrow gorge cut by a clear mountain stream. You can climb on the rocks along the river and through the gorge on a narrow path beside the swift flowing stream while holding onto a chain. Unless you experience it, you will not know how beautiful it is. It is also a nice quiet place to sit by the river and contemplate, away from the crowds of the city. Getting there is a beautiful drive on narrow road through the woods. While it’s not a trip by itself, it’s a highly recommended side trip when visiting the Hinohara Waterfalls. Brian & Kristen Marriott, Dec 2001.

“Our family enjoys visiting Kanotoiwa Rock in the summer because it’s cool, and the water is refreshing, whether you just dip your toes in or go for a swim. If you DON’T navigate your way up the ladder to the canyon, you can drive/walk through the tunnel and that will lead you to some trails with rock pools of various depths. Bring water shoes if you’re interested in negotiating the rocks.” Linda Bell, July 2014.

Kanotoiwa Rock 1DIRECTIONS: Follow the directions to Hinohara Waterfalls. When you come to the “T” intersection at Motoshuku (19.9 km) turn right. Instead of turning left up the hill towards the waterfall, continue straight for another 3 km (24 km from base), until you come to a small sign pointing towards Kitaki-Gawa just before an arched blue bridge. Turn right, and follow the VERY narrow road along the stream. When you come to a parking lot on the right in 2.3 km, across from restrooms, park your car and continue walking up the road towards the cliff for another 100 meters. Before you cross the bridge, you will see the trail to your left. If you go over a bridge and through a dark, narrow, rocky tunnel, you can park your car on the other side of the gorge and approach it from the upstream side (not recommended). GPS: 35.75500, 139.11346. Updates & photos, Michelle Nexon, March 2014.