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Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest

In the winter Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest has a Christmas light walk and rides with Paddington bear theme. The illumination runs from November to April.

If you drive tolls are ¥1700 each way. It is 45 min from the Supply gate. If you take the no toll route it is 75 min from the supply gate. We left at 5:30 pm on Friday. It may be faster at a different time,

The gondola ride is ¥700, infants and pets are free. Admission was ¥1800 each adult for the park. Children 2 and younger are free. Bring extra yen for rides and food. Rides vary from ¥100 – ¥800. Lots of food vendors, vending machines and lockers available. Park is wheelchair/stroller friendly. Restaurant, gift shops and tons of clean restrooms (a few with kid-size toilets and urinals) babies changing facilities also.
 The park is also pet-friendly! Time may be better on a different day. Park opens at 4 pm, closes at 9 pm. December 2019, Sylvia.


Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest address is 1634 Wakayanagi, Midori Ward, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-0175, Japan

Peppermint Café – Kichijoji

If you love Thai food, Peppermint Café in Kichijoji is a great restaurant to check out.  It is the sister restaurant of Pepa Café which is just a short walk away. The atmosphere is great and the food was awesome too.  My friends and I stumbled upon the menu on the street on a girls night out .  We were seated at a cute table in the corner where we took off our shoes before sitting.  The dinner menu was very large so we decided to share and sample a variety of items.  The mojito’s were also very tasty!    I have since been back for lunch when we had family in town.  The menu is much smaller for lunch but includes a soup and salad set.  The area itself is also a great spot to check out for a date night or girls night out.  There are many shops and restaurants and it is a 35-45 minute train ride from Akishima station. – Angela Vaillant, November 2017

Website: http://www.peppermintcafe.com/
HOURS: Daily 11:30am-12am
PHONE: 0422-79-3930 

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Blue Little Butterfly, Steakhouse

IMG_4109We went to Blue Little Butterfly for a date night. The atmosphere is really nice. The menu is all in English including the drink menu. We ordered the steak and the lamb chops, you have to order your sides separate. I would recommend ordering three sides and sharing them between two people (they have a huge assortment of potato salads). The steak was amazing, a thick cut, cooked perfectly, and delicious. The prices are very good for steak in Japan. We had a bottle of wine, six sides (you really only need three) and two main dishes for ¥10,000. Everything was very good and perfectly cooked. They also have a variety of seafood dishes on the menu and some delicious sounding pancakes on the dessert menu. I highly recommend this for a date, or if you just feel like a really good steak. Phone: 042-530-0160. Michaela Nelson-Kelley, May 2015.
Go out the main gate, it will be on your immediate left, just before 7-11.


Saku-La French Restaurant

Saku-La2Saku-La is a French restaurant in Fussa. If you have a special occasion coming up, birthday, anniversary etc., or are looking for a great date night, consider Saku-La. We went for our 10th anniversary and they made it really special. When making the reservation, be sure to let them know it’s for a special occasion. When I made the reservation I told them that it was for our anniversary, and when they brought out our dessert, they wrote “Happy Anniversary” in French with chocolate for us!

Saku-LaThere is no menu and there are six courses throughout the evening. Although the courses are small, after six of them, we had more than our fill. When making the reservation, they will ask if you have any allergies. You can also make special requests. For instance, we asked to not be served raw fish. Although three of the six courses were either fish or seafood based, all were cooked and served French-style with delicious sauces. Two of the courses were meat and the last course was an awesome soufflé dessert. The price per person, including all six courses, was ¥6,000. This did not include any alcohol. We ordered some great red wine though; they have a large selection of French wines. Approximately ¥800 per glass.

The restaurant is located in Fussa, not far from the Seiyu. Drive north of the Seiyu and turn left at the first gas station. The restaurant is immediately on the left, across the street from the gas station. The address is 14-3, Higashi-cho, Fussa-shi, Tokyo, 197-0021. GSP: 35.745537, 139.326320. You must have a reservation to eat here. To make reservations, call 042-552-0770, 10:00 to 20:30. Please note that they are closed on Wednesday night and also the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. For more info, please check their website: http://www.sa-ku-la.jp/. – Kelly O’Donnell, November 2013.

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