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Princess Raira – Chinese Restaurant

This eating treasure is located in Kunitachi, only a short train ride from Yokota. The food at Princess Raira’s is the freshest and highest quality without being overpriced. My favorite was the gyoza with a close second being the shrimp in a sweet-sour chili sauce. The chicken and peanut dish is well worth your yen. Princess Raira is open daily and is a great place to leisurely chat. Lunch: 11:30-15:00, Dinner: 17:00-21:30. Phone: 042-328-0022. An average price for dinner is ¥3500, and ¥1000 for lunch. –Unknown Author

DIRECTIONS: Exit the Tokyo-bound Chuo Line train at Kunitachi Station. Be sure you are not on an express train as it will pass through the station without stopping. Take the South Exit. Continue walking on the street angling towards the right. Stay on the right side of the street for a few blocks until you reach the restaurant.