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Akigawa Farmers Market

This is a cooperative where different people bring produce every morning. The entrance is in the middle, with the produce section on the left. You’ll find several bins of whatever is in season along with local produce, pickles, radishes, scallions and sweets. Behind the building is a nursery of plants and trees. There are also small barbecue huts behind the building. GPS: 35.72896,139.3075.
DIRECTIONS: Go left out the Fussa Gate onto Route 16.  At the first light, turn right at Tamabashidori Ent.   This road becomes Route 7. Just stay on this road for 3.5 kilometers over two train tracks, three bridges and through the s-curve.  The Akigawa Farmers Center will be on your left.  It is in a long building with multiple peaked roof line located amidst fields. Hours: 9am-5pm (produce section). Telephone: 042-559-1600. Teresa Negley, 1996. Directions updated 2012.

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