Past Editors

A special thanks to all the past editors! We appreciate all your hard work and for inspiring the Yokota community.

Deena Brunson is going on eight years as a military spouse. Originally from Portland, Oregon she met and married her husband at McChord, AFB in Washington state before heading to Italy. Japan is her fourth station with her husband and her second overseas assignment. She has always had a passion for traveling and discovering new places and cultures. Now with two small children Deena enjoys travel in a whole new way and finds joy in showing her children new places. While stationed in Italy many years ago Deena’s love for travel grew and she dreamed of Japan and all of the adventures it holds. She loves the outdoors, hiking and running. Deena is so excited to be living her dream and hopes to inspire others to get out and explore the place she now calls home. She also hopes to help ease any fears of traveling by providing a clear picture of what to expect.

Angela Vaillant has been an Air Force wife for 12 years.  She met her husband in Bethesda, MD where she worked as a wellness and fitness coordinator.  Four moves later she is happy to call Japan home.  She enjoys running, reading, and has a new love for traveling since moving overseas.  She has two boys and loves spending time with the family going on new adventures.  Angela is excited to join the Yokota Travel team and looks forward to discovering new places and sharing adventures with the Yokota Air Base community.

Originally from Kanagawa, Japan, Mai Takahashi will be an Air Force wife of three years this December (2016). She met her husband in Wisconsin, where they went to college together. It was a great surprise for Mai to PCS back to Japan after living almost ten years in the States, and she is thrilled to return with her husband and introduce him to the Japanese culture.  After experiencing language and cultural barriers in the United States, she is excited to join the Yokota Travel team to  help the Yokota community enjoy Japan and all that it has to offer. Mai loves to travel and is looking forward to discovering and sharing many new places.

2014-10-10 08.53.55Jamie Cowan has been living this amazing, and sometimes crazy,  Air Force lifestyle for 13 years, and counting. She met her husband on a blind date, while he was stationed at Hill Air Force Base, and the rest is history. Many moves, and two lovely daughters later, the Cowan’s are happy to call Japan home.  Jamie loves to travel, so living overseas has been a ‘dream come true’, and she is so grateful for the experience. She enjoys taking her girls on weekly adventures in and around Tokyo, including to the top of Mt. Fuji! Jamie is so excited to join the Yokota Travel team, and hopes to inspire the Yokota community to get off base and fall in love with JAPAN!

Michelle-6335Michelle Nexon is new to the Air Force world, and will be an Air Force wife of two years by August 2013. Originally from Spokane, Washington, she met her husband who was stationed at Fairchild AFB. Shortly after their marriage in Spokane, she traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas and spent 8 months stationed at Little Rock, AFB. After a whirlwind of an assignment, she moved to Yokota AB in July 2012. Currently, she is a volunteer as a Mt. Fuji guide for Outdoor Recreation and is a member of the Yokota Striders. She loves the great outdoors and is always looking for an excuse to travel the world. Japan has a wealth of natural beauty which she hopes to discover and share through Yokota Travel.

Liz Ruskin: She took on a very large document, the Yokota Travellog, and turned it into a very useful webpage!  We wouldn’t be doing this without Liz’s vision and many hours spent getting the web version started.  Thank you Liz!