Ippatsu “Screaming Ramen”

Great for a hot bowl of “Chinese” noodle soup on a cold evening. Match the dish numbers on the English menu to the numbers on the machine by the door. Put yen in the machine and push the button for your choice. To get any change, twist the lever at the top. Give your ticket to the cook behind the counter. Pour your own glasses of water from the water stand near the ticket machine. This ramen stand is unusual for using “tororo” Japanese “mountain yam” also called “yamakake” when grated in several of its dishes. To spice up your selection, sprinkle black pepper or add grated garlic on top. Prices vary from ¥700 -1,200.
DIRECTIONS: Make a left out the Terminal Gate (zero odometer), then turn right at the next light onto Homukyoku Dori. Cross the railroad tracks and turn right at the intersection near Marufuji’s, 1.1K Higashi Fussa N. Turn left at the second light, Musashino Dai, 1.5K by the 7/11. Make a right at FussaRokusho Mae past the ramen stand on the corner and turn left into the green fenced parking lot behind it at 2.1K off Nichu Dori.  Park in front of a yellow parking marker numbered 21-22-23 or 25-26, then walk back to the ramen stand. The red and yellow “noren” curtain with ラーメン (ramen in katakana) shows the stand is open. Julie Hudson, Teresa Negley

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