Hamazen (“Torches” )

Hamazen Japanese Restaurant

Made a same-day reservation at this restaurant in Fussa on a Wednesday night. Three of us sat at Japanese-style seating around the aquarium.  Sushi, Sashimi, and traditional Japanese seafood menu options, a la carte and sets. Active fish dishes are also available.
The food quality was exceptional and beautifully presented.
Service was excellent, and very quick. We had Sawanoi sake from Ome brewery (as special drink) and plum wine.

You can catch your own fish. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.
I highly recommend this restaurant for the food and experience. The prices are very affordable, I think cheaper prices compared to the quality you get in the food and presentation. Honestly, conveyor belt sushi cannot compare. Also it is kid-friendly. English menu available. Robin Kidder, May 2017

Other comments:
This traditional Japanese restaurant, also known as Torches, is a close but unique culinary adventure for guests who are seated at either the tables or a broad counter surrounding an indoor fish pond. Guests can fish from the table surrounding the pond.  If you catch a fish you have to purchase it and can have it cooked for your evening meal. Weekday lunch specials are about ¥1000, while dinners are higher with the tempura set about ¥1500 and monthly specials ¥3500+. Sashimi is available in great variety (even fish on the bone while still breathing). They have an abbreviated menu available in English (no pictures). Private party rooms may be reserved in advance.  Teresa Negley, Kyoko Bissell, 2010.

Hours: 11:00am -10:00pm. Lunch is served until 3pm.
Telephone: 042-551-0035.
DIRECTIONS: Drive straight out the Supply Gate, cross both sets of train tracks and continue straight. Turn left on Okutama Kaido. Turn left after about 1km into the walled parking lot for Korakuen Hotel and Hamazen Restaurant. During the evening, torches burn at the entrance to the restaurant.

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