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The ASOBUILD is a one-stop location for hours of fun. It is six floors of all kinds of experiences and there is something for everyone, at every age. Parking like many places in Japan can be an adventure but there are plenty of garages around there. If driving isn’t your thing, even better, the ASOBUILD is located at the Yokohama train station.

My family stumbled upon the ASOBUILD in search of the ever-popular Unko exhibit or better know as the Poop museum. Once we arrived we were disappointed to learn the exhibit had changed but excited to explore the places we had found. Looking at the map we realized how much the ASOBUILD had to offer. The basement is a lounge called “Pitch Club”. The creatively decorated area holds many events. It is like a grow-ups playground with drinks, food, music, pool tables, darts, and comfy chairs. This area seemed to be popular all hours. We saw people going in and out from the time we arrived until we left.

“Post street” is the name of the first floor and main floor. This is where most entered the building and where you bought your tickets to exhibit and play areas. We bought our “Oceans by Nature” tickets with ease at the counter before taking a stroll around the rest of “Post Street”. It was around Halloween when we visited and to our surprise, they had a large decorated area for people to take their own free pictures. They even had some props available as well. Following our photoshoot, we walked the halls among several adorable food booths that had a very gourmet food truck feel.

The second floor called “Ale Box” holds ever-changing exhibits. We chose to go into the “Oceans by Naked” exhibit which was small by awe-inspiring. Once we exited the exhibit we wandered the halls and found so much more. There was also a drone racing area, an escape room and a gift shop that accompanied the “Oceans by Naked” exhibit.

Scanning the brochure area before paying for our “Oceans by Naked” tickets I noticed signs about the daily craft being offered. The third floor called “Monotory” holds workshops making all kinds of crafts from soap to Christmas wreaths. You can see what crafts are available and also make reservations on their very easy to use the website in English. I look forward to returning and trying their recommended DIY welding and shelf making.

The fourth floor is a kid area called “PuChu”. It cost about 2000 yen for 90 minutes for children between 0-12 years old. Parents also pay a fee of 1000 yen for 90 minutes. Day passes are also available for 2500 yen per child and 1000 per parent. The area is full of bright colors, puzzles, things to swing on and places to jump from. It looked like yet another reason we will need to return.

The last floor is the multi-sports floor. It is located on the roof and has various lessons such as soccer, archery, and boxing. The multiple courts can be rented for large functions or games. They have games of basketball and soccer that can anyone can jump into as well. Its a regular sports haven.

The ASOBUILD has it all! It’s the perfect place for a girl’s day, guys day or family day. If you find yourself in Yokohama or feel up for traveling you are sure to be entertained at the ASOBUILD. – Deena Brunson, October 2019.

Sankeien Gardens – Yokohama

Memorial Day weekend we headed to Yokosuka and followed up with a trip through Yokohama. There, we went to a beautiful Japanese Garden with a couple temples located on the premises. There is a nice walkway around a pond through a forested area where you can see some old thatched roof structures. Around the end of May through the beginning of July the irises are in full bloom which makes for a beautiful scene. Also, Sankeien does a Firefly Festival at night during that time frame. Check their website for details on current events:

Admission is:

Adult ( 15 years old and above) 700yen
Children ( 14 years old and under) 200yen
City residents 65 years old and above
*Please show the Hamatomo Card issued by Yokohama City
Parking Fees: 500 yen up to 2 hours; 100 yen for every additional 30 minutes.  Automobiles/Buses 1,000 yen maximum per day
-Jennifer Secor, June 2018

Yokohama Chinatown & Landmark Tower

sarah straus yokohama-1820With Tokyo so close, it is easy to overlook Japan’s second largest city, Yokohama.  However there is a lot to do in Yokohama and the city is a great day trip destination from Yokota.  On our first adventure to Yokohama we visited the seafront at Landmark Tower and then Chinatown.

sarah straus yokohama-1751Landmark Tower.  There is a lot to do and see in and around Landmark Tower. Take the fastest elevator in Japan to the 69th floor for an amazing view of the city, sarah straus yokohama-1746waterfront and Mt. Fuji.  Open 10am-9pm; Adults ¥1000, High School ¥800, Elementary ¥500, under age 4 ¥200.  The Landmark Tower building is beautiful inside and houses several floors of shopping and restaurants as does the adjacent Queens Square.  There are many restaurants to chose from including some American favorites: Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks, and Sizzler.  Head outside to find the waterfront area with lots to do.  A giant Ferris wheel, huge sculptures, an amusement park, an old dry dock, the Yokohama Port Museum, and the Yokohama Museum of Art are all right outside Landmark Tower.  The thing we enjoyed most was touring the Nippon Maru, a sailing ship built in 1930.  Our kids enjoyed going below decks and seeing the Cadet’s cabins, Captains quarters, engine room and dining rooms.  We went on a Sunday in January and found lively street performances and everything was open, but the area wasn’t overly crowded.  There is a huge and affordable parking garage underneath Landmark Tower.  Park there and be sure to get your parking validated if you eat in one of the restaurants or shop in the mall.

sarah straus yokohama-1829Chinatown.  Chinatown was a bit busier and we just walked around the area and enjoyed the storefronts, people and architecture.  We found street parking close to one of the Chinatown entrances.

There is certainly a lot more to do in Yokohama.  Here is a link to the Yokohama Visitors Guide-Sarah Straus, January 2014.

DIRECTIONS:  GPS coordinates for Landmark Tower parking lot entrance: 35.45426, 139.630833.  See map below.  GPS coordinate to Chinatown: 35.443059, 139.644007.

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