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Things to do and places to eat that are an easy walk from the New Sanno.


Kidzania is such a clever concept and an absolute must if you have kids.
Arranged like a city, the basic premise is allowing the kids to try out different “jobs” in the city and get paid for their work.2014-10-08 10.51.10

There are over 50 jobs to choose from ranging from pizza maker, to flight attendant, to fire fighter, and everything in between. 2014-10-08 09.07.35 HDR

Parents are allowed to watch through the window at the different jobs, but are not allowed to participate. They really encourage the kids to be independent.

Upon arrival you will be given a schedule card, you take this to the job that you are interested in and make a reservation.
2014-10-19 14.57.34
You can only make one reservation at a time. The groups are very small for each job, so I felt like we were getting almost one on one instruction all day. Each job lasts about 30 minutes. (Smaller groups of kids are easier to handle. If you want to go in a group with friends, prepare to not hang out together. All of the scheduling takes some coordination on the part of the adult, and many jobs only take up to 4 kids per session. Just a heads up).
2014-10-08 12.46.14

After the job, the kids are paid in “kidzos” that they are able to deposit into the bank, or spend for services, food or trinkets at the “mall”. They are also given a trading card at each job, to collect.2014-10-19 14.58.55

Kidzania is one of the best things we’ve done here!
It certainly rivals Disney in every way, in my opinion.  Also, being completely indoors, it makes for a great rainy /snowy day option. I highly recommend it! Jamie Cowan, August 2015

Helpful hints:

  1. Check out the reservations page on their website, it will tell you if there is availability on any given day, or already sold out.
  2. Like anything else, I would avoid weekends and Japanese Holidays whenever possible. Coincidentally, the website actually flags the Japanese holidays for you on the calendar.
  3. Wednesday’s are English days and most of the activities are presented in English. Even on a non-English day I think you would still get the gist of what was going on, though.
  4. There are two shifts; 1st shift is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, and 2nd shift is from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. You will only be allowed in the building during your shift. No matter your shift, arrive EARLY! The line can be hours long, even with a reservation.
  5. Activities are for children 3-15 years of age. There is a toddler room, for younger siblings, but younger than 3 yrs are not allowed to participate. There are also a few parent lounges.
  6. You cannot bring in your own food, but food is available to purchase. Many of the jobs include food, like the pizza maker.
  7. Kidzania is actually inside a mall, so you won’t see it from the street.
  8. Prices; the average price for a child is Y3450 and adult Y950, however there are several price changes due to holidays and there are also discounts if you buy far enough in advance, so check the website for specifics.
  9. I had a hard time booking tickets online for some reason, but you can also purchase them from the Family Mart on base, this way you also have something tangible to hand the ticket person.
  10. The train will take approximately 80 minutes, including several transfers. Driving will take about the same, depending on traffic. You may want to consider staying at the New Sanno, before or after, which cuts the drive to 20 minutes. (Rumor has it that a Kidzania location will be opening in Tachikawa, but I can’t find any information. Fingers crossed!)

Kidzania has a very good website, in English that will also answer many questions that you may have, I recommend reading up before you go.

PHONE: 057 006 4012

TRAIN: Toyosu station is the closest station, then it is about a 10 minute walk to LaLaport Toyosu, the Kidzania location.

GPS 35.6562989 139.791486

PARKING Parking is available at LaLaport Toyosu 24 hours a day. For complete information,
please check the LaLaport Parking Accesspage.

Car height must not exceed 2.1m. The first hour of parking is free.
Guests who visit for the 1st Shift (9:00am – 3:00pm) receive 5 additional hours of free parking.
Guests who visit for the 2nd Shift (4:00pm – 9:00pm) receive 4 additional hours of free parking.
Please present your parking ticket for validation at the entrance of KidZania Tokyo.

Burger Mania

If you find yourself at the New Sanno and you have a craving for a great burger, then this place is a must.  Without question one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

IMG_4005Burger Mania is a little cafe with eccentric choices, which include; the cherry cream cheese topped burger, blue cheese burger topped with Roquefort and Gorgonzola, or a seasonal peach topped burger, to name a few.  They are perhaps most known for the Avocado burger and the BBQ cheeseburger.  It should win extra points for having a vegetarian option, substituting grilled veggies and cheese for the meat. The average price of the burgers were between 900-1300 yen.  Includes a small salad, and either onion rings or fries.

There is also a location in Shirokane if you are interested in going there as well.

Hours: 11:30-2300 daily.
Closed on the third Monday each month

Location:  Burger Mania is located about exactly half way between exit 1 and exit 3 of Hiroo station.  If you are walking from the New Sanno, go past exit 1 of Hiroo station, and start looking for signs for Burger Mania.  It’s on the second floor of a brick building.  Citibank is just past it.  Enjoy! Merri Kever, July 2015

Sunday Brunch at The New Sanno

On the surface, $74 for a family of four to eat brunch seemed pricey. It was $25 per adult and $12 for the kids. We weren’t sure if it would be worth it. We’re definitely happy we gave it a shot. This wasn’t your basic scrambled egg brunch. They had a full caviar bar with all the fixings! I ate at least $74 worth of caviar alone!  There was shrimp cocktail, a sushi bar, a huge array of both breakfast and lunch items, and a dessert bar that made our children’s eyes grow wide. Champagne was included with the brunch and it just kept flowing! They filled our glasses several times. This brunch was served in the formal ball room and there were so many tables that we didn’t feel rushed to finish and leave. We enjoyed chatting with some people at the next table and lost track of time. We probably stayed close to two hours. My seven-year-old son said “that was the best brunch I ever had in my entire life.”

Burdigala Bakery

burdigalaYou will think you stepped into a patisserie in France. It’s right around the corner from the French Embassy so I am sure they are in that location for the Kelly O'Donnell Burdigala BakeryFrench diplomats but I never saw an American pass up a chocolate croissant. They have a large assortment of French breads, pastries, sandwiches, jams and the like. The best part is that it is within walking distance of The New Sanno hotel.   Hours are 8am – 8pm.
Directions: Exit the The New Sanno and turn left.  Take an immediate left onto the narrow road between the The New Sanno and the French Embassy. The bakery is about a 5 min walk straight ahead. It will be on the right before Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park -Kelly O’Donnell, October 2012

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Burdigala Bakery by Kelly O’Donnell








Japanese Garden near The New Sanno

park by sarah strausArisugawanomiya Memorial Park has a large and beautiful Japanese garden near The New Sanno and Hiroo Sation.  Koi ponds, elegant bridges, pathways and a playground grace this public park which also houses the Tokyo Metropolitan Library. It is a nice stroll from the The New Sanno and you can pick up some pastries at Burdigala along the way.  Great for kids and adults alike.
Directions: Exit The New Sanno on foot and turn left.  Turn left again onto a narrow road between The New Sanno and the French Embassy.  This is a narrow street without much traffic.  The park entrance will be on the right after a 5 minute walk. – Sarah Straus, October 2012

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Near The New Sanno

new sanno sarah strausHello Fellow Travelers!  The New Sanno is a popular place to spend a few nights.  Many of us have our favorite places to eat or things to do an easy walking distance from the hotel.   Please share!  File a trip report.  If you have a photo of the location, send it here:  Be sure to include walking directions from The New Sanno.  Thank you!  New Sanno GPS Coordinates: 35.646778,139.724914. – Sarah Straus, photo of the pool at The New Sanno added Dec 2013.