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LaLaport Tachikawa Tachihi

2015-12-11 09.06.16Lalaport Mall is a beautiful, American style mall that just opened in Tachikawa
(near Ikea and Showa park). There are over 250 retail stores, restaurants and services to enjoy, including some of our American favorites; Old Navy, Banana Republic, American Eagle Outfitters, Diesel, Guess, Godiva,  North Face, and Starbucks,  just to name a few!

As far as dining options go, there is both a food court  and a wide variety of different restaurants. I did notice that three of the restaurants on the third floor offered a child play area. KidsBee and Mogoon were restaurants with really fun kid areas (ball pits, slides, and different activities), and Sirotan Museum, was a candy store with a play area in the back. (Cost was approximately Y300 for 1 hour or Y100 for 30 minutes at Sirotan.) None of these play areas were as large as Bornelund in Aeon Mall, but its always nice to have more restaurant/play area options! There was also an Eggs ‘n Things, Pinkberry, Cafe Amigo (someone please let us know if it’s authentic Mexican food!), and so many more.

Driving was super easy (about 20 minutes from the east gate) and there is a huge covered parking terrace with over 3,000 spots. The cost was Y500 for 1 hour and Y250 for every 30 minutes following. This added up very quickly, but take your ticket inside with you because the stores will validate with purchase, though the validation will only subtract one hour from your total. It would also be an easy train trip with the closest station being Tachihi, which is a monorail stop. The station is literally right in front of the mall entrance. Jamie Cowan, December 20152015-12-11 11.42.45

Check out the LaLaport website for a complete list of stores.

HOURS: Open daily. Stores and food court: 1000-2100, Restaurants: 1100-2200, Supermarket: 0900-2200



DRIVING: GPS 35.7143693,139.4148003

Fabric and Craft Stores

Craft Heart Tokai

Located near the Fussa Station, it is on the street level, below the Seiyu parking garage. This store offers a small variety of fabrics, beads, sewing notions, lace, ribbon, etc. For ¥540, you can purchase a membership card for one year. They will give you a form to fill out, and are very helpful with translating. This membership recently gave me %10 off my entire purchase, and I get flyers in the mail that highlight their sales. If you park in the Seiyu parking garage, you can validate your parking by taking your Craft Heart Tokai receipt and parking ticket to the bookstore next door and they will validate it for you.

There is another Craft Heart Tokai in The Mall. If you are headed north on Route 16 for any reason, you can easily stop in and check it out. It’s located on the second floor, towards the middle-back for the building. They have a similar selection of sewing and craft goods.

Yuzawaya, Shinjuku

Located near the Tachikawa Station, this craft/fabric store has a large variety of fabrics and sewing notions. The store is in the Bic Camera Building, the fabrics and sewing notions are on the 7th floor. Other crafts, to include beads, felt, craft paper, etc., are located on the 8th floor. You can purchase a membership card for one year and receive discounts on various fabrics cut from the bolt (¥540). Take the North exit from the Tachikawa Station and use the skywalk to cross traffic. The building has all kinds of electronics and phones for sale at street level. Simply enter the building and head left to the escalator. It will take you all the way up to Yuzawaya. Please see the map below.


And let’s not forget the Daiso! It doesn’t have a huge selection of fabrics, but has various sewing notions and small craft items. I was able to find large pieces of felt for only ¥100. It also has beads, buttons, elastic, velco, etc. Often times, you can snag these items for much less at the Daiso than at a craft store.

Joyful Honda

I also wanted to mention that Joyful Honda has a HUGE selection of craft items, but is lacking in the fabric department. Looking for canvas, paint, leather working items, beads, scrabooking, etc, you’ll find it here. The prices are a little high, but you are likely to find what you are looking for.

The IKEA in Tachikawa also has fabric on the bolt, for some trendy home décor prints. Have a different fabric or craft store to share? Please share in the comments below! Michelle Nexon, October 2014.

Tachikawa Shopping

Books Orion (English books)

Books Orion in Tachikawa is the closest bookstore that regularly stocks English books, including useful reference books for those living in Japan and children’s books. Pick up a complete JR East train map for ¥250,  or a an extensive Japanese phrasebook. To get there, take the train to Tachikawa Station. Exit the East Gate turnstiles and turn right, toward Lumine, then go out the North Exit. You will now be on an elevated plaza. Stay on the elevated walkway and go slight left toward Isetan department store. When you reach the building, turn left, walk to the corner of the building and turn right, keeping Isetan on your right. As you walk under the monorail track, you will see HMV Music ahead and to the left. Enter HMV Music from the elevated walk and go straight up the escalator into Books Orion. The English section is to the right as you get off the escalator. 10am-9pm every day but Jan. 1. Tel. 0425-221-1231. Liz Ruskin 2010

Grand Duo Mall

Grand Duo Mall is located inside the Tachikawa train station, and offers a variety of shops. Eddie Bauer is just one of the western brand stores available. The sixth floor is primarily restaurants – Indian, Italian, Japanese and an ice cream shop with, among other concoctions, green-tea soft-serve. The seventh floor is considered a local Chinatown with many Chinese restaurants. The eighth floor has beauty care shops, including two hair salons, an herbal shop and a hair supply shop.

If you choose to drive instead of taking the train, pay parking is available at other larger shops near the station, including under Takashimaya department store and at Lumine just past the train station’s North Exit (see the “Tachikawa Shopping” section for more precise directions). If you purchase a minimum amount (including meals at the restaurants within the building), parking is free for the first two hours. Takashimaya charges ¥500/hour unless you buy at least ¥5000 of merchandise.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: It obviously easier to take the train, but if you need to drive, start at the East Gate. Turn left onto Itsukaichi Kaido. Stay on Itsukaichi Kaido until the light with the Yakiniku All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant on the far right corner (the turn for American Village) then turn right. Turn left at the second light (convenience store on the left.) Turn right at the next large intersection and pass Tachikawa Air Base and the main entrance to Showa Memorial Park. At the next large intersection, the sharp left will lead you to Takashimaya while the angled left will lead you to the North Exit of Tachikawa Train station. The drive time is 20-40 minutes depending on traffic. Shannon Edwards, 2000

Takashimaya Department Store

Located on the second floor of this emporium is a small Disney store with stuffed animals, kitchen items, baby goods, key chains, etc. While there, ride the escalators to all of the floors. There are specialty sections including items by Ralph Lauren, Mikimoto pearls, and famous French designers. Also found are hats, stationery, stereo equipment, clocks, wedding dresses, kimonos, optical goods, and home furnishings as well as a food court on the top two floors. Takashimaya is next to Cinema City.

TRAIN DIRECTIONS: From Fussa Station, ride the train seven stops to Tachikawa. Take the North Exit, then proceed down the stairs on the left. Cross the street and walk directly away from the station. Go down the alley next to Klimt Coffee Shop (pink awnings). Continue on straight and when you see the Inoue Building, continue past it to the large road. Takashimaya will be across the street in front of you on the left. See map on opposite page. Hours: 10:00 am – 6:30pm. Telephone? Karen Ozment, date?


This is a chain of discount stores, supermarkets and burger bars. Resembling a vertical K-Mart, the merchandise includes chinaware, rugs, clothing, toys, sporting and electrical equipment. Personally, I find the nearby 100 Yen shops more fun.

TRAIN DIRECTIONS: Ride the train to Tachikawa station and take the North Exit out to the street below. Walk down the main street away from the station to the next big intersection. Turn right onto Midorikawa Dor. Daiei is in the middle of the block on the left-hand side. Hours? Telephone? Liz Ruskin 2010

100 Yen Store

Magnets and thumbtacks in every shade of cute, plus kitchen gadgets, hardware, garden supplies and fun miscellany. You know the drill: Everything is ¥100 (plus tax) unless otherwise marked.

DIRECTIONS: Exit Tachikawa Station on the North Exit, go straight across the plaza and down to street level. Pass Bic Camera. Before you get to the next big intersection, you’ll see a store called From Chubu. The ¥100 Store is in the basement.

Lumine Department Store

Lumine is a collection of boutiques and restaurants. This is a store for window shoppers arranged in standard Japanese department store fashion, with a basement supermarket. The first floor has a large gift food area. On the upper levels are two floors of variously priced restaurants. Besides food, there is an art supply area, a florist, myriad clothing sections, an art gallery, electronics, books, toys and specialty items.

TRAIN DIRECTIONS: From Fussa Station, take the Ome Line to Tachikawa. Turn right as you exit Tachikawa’s train ticket gates and you’ll see Lumine from inside the Tachikawa Station. Hours? Telephone?

Rachel Keyser-McClendon, date?

Bic Camera

Six floors of gadgetry and appliances. If it needs batteries or bulbs, it’s probably here. Along with the batteries. It’s like a mini-Akihabara. And, to feed your more feminine side, the 7th and 8th floors are a massive craft shop, Yuzawaya. One floor is devoted to fabric and the sewing arts. The 8th has yarn, paints, office supplies and an excellent collection of beads, included Miyuki Delica. 12-2 Akebono-cho 2-chome, Tachikawa, Tokyo 〒 190-0012 . Tel. 042-548-1111.

DIRECTIONS: Exit Tachikawa Station by the north entrance and keep going straight. Go to street level, keeping your back to the station, and you’ll see Bic Camera on the left side of the street. Liz Ruskin 2010.


This kitchen store has a good selection of dishes and lacquerware and seems to have a perpetual sidewalk sale with some good deals.  Cute sauce dishes for ¥100. Giant ramen dishes and snappy bento boxes for ¥600. Indigo shibori (Japanese tie-dye) aprons for ¥980.

DIRECTIONS: Exit Tachikawa Station from the North Exit and keep going straight down to the street. Stay on the right side of the main street leading away from the station and continue straight through the first big intersection. Kikuya is in the middle of the next block, on the right-hand side. The cafe upstairs – “Louvre” – has a more prominent sign. Liz Ruskin 2010