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Yamachan – Wings in Hachioji

I have visited Yamachan restaurant in Hachioji three times now.  We trained from Fussa, Higashi Fussa, and Akishima and all routes took about 35 minutes to get to Hachioji station once on the train.  The restaurant is then a short walk from Hachioji station.  I am picky about my chicken so I had low expectations on my first visit.  I ordered the edamame and another appetizer and decided I would try just one of the wings.  That quickly turned into ordering more for the table.  The wings are a little spicy with a hint of sweetness and you cannot eat just one.  With each visit I ate a little more and everyone who came agreed they were the best they’ve had in Japan.  The wings are sold in servings of 5 for Y450.  We easily finished 5 servings (25 wings) split between two people.  The menu is large so you can find something for everyone, including kids.  We took our 5 and 9 year old on our last visit and they enjoyed wings, french fries, fried rice, and chicken nuggets.  We have never made a reservation but we did wait over an hour on a Friday night without one.  Reservations on-line must be made at least one week out.  On a weeknight we were able to walk in around 6:00pm.  The only negative is it is a smoking establishment.  The later you stay, the smokier it gets so try to go early if you want to take the kids. There is also a large multi-level Don Q with a Daiso on top nearby if you want to do a little shopping while you are in the area.  – Angela Vaillant, October 2018



Phone: 042-655-2511

Hours: Daily 5:00pm-12:15am on-line reservations available if more than one week out

Yamachan is located on the 2nd floor. Stairs located just to the right of the gyoza restaurant.

Seating area – tables

Seating area – large booths (seat up to 6) – be prepared to take your shoes off before sitting

The wings! 2 servings = 10 wings

Update:  There is another Yamachan located in Tachikawa, about a  5-7 minute walk from Tachikawa station.  We visited on a Sunday night at 5:00 pm and it was much less busy than the Hachioji location. The wings were just as good! – Angela Vaillant, March 2019

Tempranillo Tapas & Wines – Tachikawa

My husband and I recently tried out a Spanish Tapas restaurant in Tachikawa called Tempranillo Tapas & Wines.  We called for a reservation about 5 days out and had no problem booking a table for two.  They did let us know it was a special night with Flamenco dancers and a set menu.  The restaurant has recently re-located to a red brick building a short walk from Tachikawa station, in the basement (level B1 off the elevator.)  We were the first to arrive and the owner greeted us and again let us know that is was Flamenco night and the set up of seats was different from a normal night.  They started us with 2 glasses of champagne, prosciutto, and a Spanish tapas platter.  Little did I know the pig leg was sitting nearby on the bar being shaved for the dish.  We were also served mussels before the main dish of Paella came out.  The performance started at 7:30 and food service seemed to stop for about 45 minutes.  We were at a distance from the show but Jose asked us if we wanted to move closer at the end of the bar for the second set.  We moved and shared a bottle of wine finished off with a dessert of churros covered in chocolate sauce.  We really enjoyed the food and Flamenco performance!  The second set finished by 9:30 and we were full and happy.  We asked Jose how often they do Flamenco night and he said it happens once a month.  The set menu price was 5500-6000 yen per person.  The regular tapas menu has a lot of variety and we look forward to going back to try more dishes.  You can check their website for upcoming events.  If you are looking to escape your typical Japanese experience, this is the place!  Jose gave us his card which includes his restaurant philosophy….”We are real people, we make mistakes, we say sorry, we give second chances, we have funny moments, we give hugs, we ask forgiveness, we make noise, we are patient and grateful, and especially we love each other and we love you a lot.” – Angela Vaillant, July 2018


Phone: 042-524-3913

Hours: Mon-Sat 5:00pm-11:30pm, closed Sundays

J.S. Foodies – Tachikawa

If you are looking for a good burger, check out J.S. Foodies in the LaLaport Mall in Tachikawa.  My husband and I stopped into the mall after doing some shopping at nearby IKEA.  We weren’t in the mood for Japanese cuisine so I suggested we get a burger at J.S. Foodies.  I had already visited the restaurant twice for lunch and I thought my husband would enjoy it.  He ordered the bacon cheeseburger, and I had the Maple Butter BLT.  Both meals came with a side of fries which were some of my favorite I have had in Japan.  The burger and sandwich were really good so it’s definitely worth checking out if you looking for more of an American style burger or sandwich.  My husband compared it to a Moose Hills Burger, which is another burger joint near Mt. Fuji we have tried.  At lunch you can get a set that includes a salad.  Burgers and sandwiches are around ¥1000 and they also have kids sets.  If you are craving something sweet, they have waffles (with fruit or fried chicken) on the menu.  The Mall is an easy 15-20 minute drive out the East gate, but you can also access it from the Monorail.   Angela Vaillant – January 2018

Location – Lalaport Tachikawa Shopping Mall – 2nd level (2F on mall map)

HOURS: Daily 10:00am-9:00pm
PHONE: 042-540-6276

Din Tai Fung – Dim Sum Restaurant

Din Tai Fung in Tachikawa specializes in Xiaolongbao (steamed soup dumplings). This is the same restaurant group that is popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. If you aren’t familiar with these dumplings, they actually have the soup inside! This restaurant also serves other soups, noodles, and other varieties of dim sum as well as sets. All very tasty and interesting to eat! Traditionally, they are eaten with fresh ginger and vinegar.  Din Tai Fung is located on the 9th floor of a shopping complex near Tachikawa station. – Robin Kidder October 2017

Located in: Takashimaya Tachikawa Store
Address: 2 Chome-39-3 Akebonocho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-8507
Phone: 042-548-1610

Hours: Daily 11AM-10PM

LaLaport Tachikawa Tachihi

2015-12-11 09.06.16Lalaport Mall is a beautiful, American style mall that just opened in Tachikawa
(near Ikea and Showa park). There are over 250 retail stores, restaurants and services to enjoy, including some of our American favorites; Old Navy, Banana Republic, American Eagle Outfitters, Diesel, Guess, Godiva,  North Face, and Starbucks,  just to name a few!

As far as dining options go, there is both a food court  and a wide variety of different restaurants. I did notice that three of the restaurants on the third floor offered a child play area. KidsBee and Mogoon were restaurants with really fun kid areas (ball pits, slides, and different activities), and Sirotan Museum, was a candy store with a play area in the back. (Cost was approximately Y300 for 1 hour or Y100 for 30 minutes at Sirotan.) None of these play areas were as large as Bornelund in Aeon Mall, but its always nice to have more restaurant/play area options! There was also an Eggs ‘n Things, Pinkberry, Cafe Amigo (someone please let us know if it’s authentic Mexican food!), and so many more.

Driving was super easy (about 20 minutes from the east gate) and there is a huge covered parking terrace with over 3,000 spots. The cost was Y500 for 1 hour and Y250 for every 30 minutes following. This added up very quickly, but take your ticket inside with you because the stores will validate with purchase, though the validation will only subtract one hour from your total. It would also be an easy train trip with the closest station being Tachihi, which is a monorail stop. The station is literally right in front of the mall entrance. Jamie Cowan, December 20152015-12-11 11.42.45

Check out the LaLaport website for a complete list of stores.

HOURS: Open daily. Stores and food court: 1000-2100, Restaurants: 1100-2200, Supermarket: 0900-2200



DRIVING: GPS 35.7143693,139.4148003

Ramen Square, Tachikawa

Ramen Square is a collection of seven ramen shops, combined on the third floor of a building in Tachikawa. When you step into the square, you feel like you are entering the streets of Manhattan. Each shop has a specialty ramen dish. Prices range from ¥500 to ¥1200. It’s open 11:00 to 24:00, last order is 23:30. Phone: 042-521-7111. Website:

The Square is located south of the Tachikawa Station, near the Tachikawaminami Station. It’s on the third floor of the Arearea 2 building. It will be marked with green NYC style road signs. GPS: 35.6961514, 139.4128046. Michelle Nexon, July 2014.

Shravan Indian Restaurant

Shravan serves Indian cuisine prepared by 5 star hotel chefs. Located in Tachikawa, it’s a short 4 minute walk from the station, in the basement of a green building that’s easy to miss. But its customer service and cuisine are worth the trip.

photo 3For a starter, you can choose from a large variety of meats and vegetables, including tandoori chicken, fish and prawns. Once you have finished your starter, you can choose from a large selection of curries, including mixed vegetable, chicken masala, butter chicken, mutton, egg masala and more. Don’t forget your rice and/or naan. Pick from butter, cheese, garlic, sweet, sesame, tomato, etc. During lunch hours, you can order a set meal, which includes small salad, curry, naan or rice, and a drink. Sets are approximately ¥800 to ¥900.

To get there, walk out of Tachikawa Station’s South entrance. Head southeast. Please see the map below for more details, or use GPS coordinates to help find the way, 35.696000,139.415843. Shravan is open seven days a week, 11:00 to 15:00 and 17:00 to 23:00. Last order is 22:30. Visit their site for more information. Phone 042 526 1422. Michelle Nexon, April 2014.


Rose Hogs in Tachikawa

DSC_0067_1Rose Hogs is a great place to get an international beer very close to Tachikawa train station.  Directed here by a friend, my husband and I found ourselves at Rose Hogs during happy hour which lasts from 5:30pm-7:30pm.  They carry many international beers on tap from Belgium, Scotland, the USA…  Rather than a brewery, this is a pub serving traditional American pub fare: steak, hamburgers, fish and chips, and they have some great salad choices.  The Cobb salad was delicious!  The menu was in English and had pictures making it easy to navigate.  The best part for me was the beer from my home in Northern California!   They carry bottles from two Humboldt Country Breweries: North Coast Brewery and Mad River Brewery.  They also had a seasonal North Coast Watermelon Wheat on tap.  It was crazy good and reminded me of home.  During Obon, happy hour lasts from 5:30pm – 11pm.
rose hogs by sarah strausDIRECTIONS: From the Tachikawa train station, take the South Exit towards the three story McDonalds.  Go down the stairs near the McDonalds and head straight down that street passing McDonalds on your left.  About a half block down you’ll find a tall, narrow building that houses Rose Hogs on the 3rd floor.  This photo was taken from the elevated sidewalk right next to McDonalds and shows the sign for Rose Hogs, though it is hard to read in the photo.  Take the elevator up and enjoy! – Sarah Straus, August 2013


“Communist Gyoza” in Tachikawa (Gyoza 1059)

This restaurant is known by Americans as “Communist Gyoza”  but its real name is Gyoza Ten-Go-Kyo, which means “Gyoza Heaven.” (Just to confuse things, the owners do a little bilingual word and number play and write it as “Gyoza 1059.”) Tucked away on a side street in Tachikawa, this hole in the wall makes the best gyoza around! Gyoza is a small dumpling (similar to a wonton) which is steamed and pan fried. The gyoza served here are HUGE, about the size of a fist.  Flavors include mushroom, vegetable, garlic, green onion, potato, cheese, corn and shrimp. Seating is limited. Each plate (five very large gyoza) averages ¥700. The restaurant has a policy requiring each person to order a gyoza plate (versus sharing an order) and a drink. You can order more drinks later, but you are forbidden to order any more plates after your initial order. This policy and its enforcement has given rise to the “Communist Gyoza” moniker. No matter, because one plate will be plenty for anyone. Just be warned that the garlic order is essentially like eating a handful of nearly raw garlic. Most people can’t handle it, but you’ll definitely be safe from vampires. The restaurant is colorful and deliciously worthwhile. If Japan had a Seinfeld series, this place would be in it. Because it’s so popular and seating limited, you might want to arrive when it opens at 5:30pm. Otherwise, you may have a long wait. But they do take reservations. Hours: 5:30-10pm  (last order 9:30 pm),  Tuesday-Saturday. Tel: 042-526-2283. GPS: 35.6977,139.4179

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DIRECTIONS: Exit Tachikawa Station from the Granduo side. Turn left and follow the road that borders the Granduo and the railroad tracks. Stay to the left when the road branches. When you see the pedestrian path heading under the railroad tracks to the left, keep your eyes on the right, trained on the small alleys. Turn right to go up the second small alley. Now look at the apartment buildings on your left. There will be a very small black and white sign for Gyoza 1059 at the entrance of the first one. Go up a few steps and enter the restaurant. 
Teresa Negley, Karen Ozment, Kerri Wright, 1996. Liz Ruskin updated 2010. Directions verified 2011.

Savini Italian Restaurant

After a day of shopping in Tachikawa, go to Savini for lunch or, better yet, for their “Imagination Cake.” This dessert is a light-tasting sponge cake with a generous amount of whipping cream, with small slices of kiwi, cantaloupe, and strawberries. It’s a delicious treat at ¥600 per hefty slice. Other desserts sounded equally scrumptious—baked pudding, chocolate mousse, homemade Italian ice cream, ricotta cheese cake, and fresh fruit (¥500-¥700). Lunch entrees include sirloin garlic steak, grilled lamb (¥1900-¥3500), goulash, veal or grilled chicken (¥1200). Sixteen choices of salad are available for ¥850 to ¥1250: spinach, seafood, tomato, green, octopus, bacon and shimeji, zucchini and eggplant, and crabmeat. Pizza in all combinations are offered: vegetarian, anchovy, shrimp, shorizo, pear, bacon, salmon, seafood, and seppie (squid ink). Pizzas with 19 or less items cost ¥1200 to ¥3900, depending on size. There is also a large selection of drinks. Open since 1968, this 30-seat restaurant fills up fast at lunch time with business women as well as women with bags filled with shopping bargains. There are English menus.

DIRECTIONS: Savini is located on the second floor of the Inoue Building. Take the train from Fussa to Tachikawa. Exit the station, walking past Lumine Dept Store, using the stairs on the left. Cross the street and go down the alley next to the Klimt Coffee Shop (pink awnings). Continue straight on this road and you’ll see the Savini sign. Hours: daily 11:00 am – 12:00 am. –Karen Ozment


Edo Ichi “Vikings”


This is a chain of all-you-can-eat restaurants where you cook your own food. When you enter, pay about ¥2500 (cheaper for children) per person and get a receipt. You will then be escorted to a table and your grill will be started. Put oil on the grill and head for the plates. There is a selection of sushi near the soda dispensers and rice, soup, and curry in large pots on both sides of the case where the plates are located. Go to the open refrigerated display cases and select as much of whatever food you want. There is a wide choice of meat, vegetables, gyoza, salads, fruit, and noodles. Take the plates to your table and grill your discoveries. For dessert, try cream puffs, chocolate pie, or ice cream. The ice cream is located in a separate case near the drink dispensers. One word of warning: Because many people are cooking, the room gets VERY smoky. Do not wear good clothes! I also take my contact lenses out. If you are tall, be careful not to hit your knees on the bottom of the grill because it is very hot! Try to go before the rush which is usually 6-7pm. Not only is the restaurant less crowded but so is the highway.

DIRECTIONS: Set your Odometer to zero and exit right out the East Gate and turn left at the first light (Inadaira Koen Minami intersection). At the next light (5 way intersection, 0.7 km.) Make a right hand turn (not a sharp right, but angled right towards Daiei). At 1.9 km bear right at the intersection, where this road merges with another (Family Mart on right Corner, Toyota dealer on left corner). Turn left at the second light onto Itsukaichi-Kaido Road (2.0 km, Tennobashi Intersection, just after you go under the tracks). Stay on this road until the light with Edo-Ichi Yakiniku all-you-can-eat Restaurant on the far right corner (3.5 km). The red sign reads “Sushi & Yakiniku Vikings.” Hours? Telephone?

Karen Ozmen. Liz Ruskin verified directions Sept. 2011