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Sayama Berryland

Blueberries, strawberries and mushrooms galore can all be found to harvest at Sayama Berryland. The farm is about a forty five minute drive from base and is fairly easy. The location itself does have parking. There are two parking lots, one on each side of the main road, equaling about 50 spots with plenty of room to maneuver around. This is always something I am curious about because I am still mastering the skill of backing into parking spots and being comfortable in small lots.The parking we used was located across the street from the office at which you pay.

It was requested that we all pay together so I recommend bringing the exact amount needed. Cards are not accepted so make sure you have yen. Adults are 1500 yen. Children and seniors are 1000. Children under 3 are free. The farm is opened from 10:00am to 2:00pm for picking. Sadly if it rains they will close and you can find out if they decide to close by checking the website posted below. We visited the farm with a semi large group so we emailed ahead of time and made a noon reservation. When we arrived at noon on a Tuesday afternoon there was only our group roaming around and picking blueberries. The weekends may be a different story

Harvesting is not all Sayama has to offer A cute little store that sells original produces such as drinks and ice cream is also located on the farm. Outside the store you will find seating to enjoy your treats and a perfect spot next to the sign to take a picture. Once you have paid you will be instructed to cross the street and walk to meet your guide. Your guide will start your time as soon as everyone enters the picking area.

You are allowed 30 minutes to fill your container and munch on as may blueberries as you can. Our children were full of life running from bush to bush eating blueberries and enjoying the outside. There is something that makes food taste so much better when it comes straight from the source. We had no trouble filling our containers as the bushes had a plethora of berries. It was a bit hot the day we visited so we found that 30 minutes was the perfect amount of time. We had a wonderful experience and look forward to going back during the mushroom and strawberry seasons. – Deena Brunson, 2019.

Kodaira Fish Market

fish market megan millerIf you enjoy a yummy dinner featuring fresh seafood for the main course, the Kodaira Fish Market should be on your list to try. From my understanding, all of their fish comes from the Sea of Japan. It is fresh that day, affordable, and only a fish market by megan miller 1thirty minute drive from the East Gate. Should you decide to buy a whole fish, they will clean it up for you at no extra cost (do remember to translate your request before arriving). They also provide ice free of charge just outside the market. The crabs were still moving when they took them out of the box.  They even had whale meat. It looked like really red thinly sliced tuna meat.  One tip is to bring along an ice chest to store your “catch” for the ride home.  The market is clean and easy to maneuver. An added bonus is the fresh produce market situated next door. They sell a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, plus milk, tofu, and noodles; basically everything you need for a delicious and healthy meal.  Bon appetite!  GPS Coordinates: 35.745028, 139.49109.
fish market by megan miller 2DIRECTIONS:  Turn left out of the East Gate.  Turn right at the 7-11.  Continue to the second stop light at Route 59 and turn left.  This puts you on the road that passes Aeon Mall.  You will pass the mall on your right.  Turn right onto Route 5 aka Shin Oume Highway.  Drive 10 kilometers down Route 5.  You will see the green “VERGER” sign to your left.  Turn left when you see the Verger sign and left again.  Continue straight as you approach the market, it is down a narrow street opening to a parking lot. The day we came, we noticed uniformed parking attendants who help move the cars through the parking lot. Also, the easiest sign to spot is the large green sign that says Verger, which is the fresh produce market adjacent to the fish market (the actual fish market is not exactly visible from the main road). Keep an eye out for these clues or you might miss your entrance. – Megan Miller, October 2013

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Grocery Stores and Farmers Markets – A List

Here is a list of grocery stores and farmers markets with GPS coordinates from Jane Keller, Sept 2013.  Thank you Jane!  All of the markets from this list that are covered on are linked.  If you go to one we haven’t written up, consider doing a trip report.  Tell us about the market including the open days/hours and for extra credit attach a photo.  Submit to

Fussa Farm Stand, 35.738623N, 139.327674E

Inageya Grocery Store, south of Fussa Station, 35.740395N, 139.328929E

Marufuji Market, near Higashifussa Station, 35.746271N, 139.334986E

Hamura Farm Stand, 35.767508N, 139.307664E

Mizuho Fresh House Market, 35.777183N, 139.342758E

Akigawa Farmers Center, Akiruno, 35.728564N, 139.307712E

Itsukaichi Farmers Center, Akiruno, 35.728566N, 139.240084E

City Farmers Market, Musashimurayama, 35.755328N, 139.387104E

Tsurukame Land/ Turtle Grocery,  Musashimurayama 35.749682N,139.383198E

Shimoda’s Market, Musashimurayama, 35.759638N, 139.373239E

Gyomu Supermarket, Musashimurayama, 35.747161N, 139.389166E

Inageya Grocery Store, Musashimurayama, 35.746216N, 139.373823E


Kiva – Organic Produce Market

KIVA is located around the corner from the Kabe train station which is three stops from Fussa station towards Ome. They have a good selection of organic produce – apples, carrots, potatoes, onions, lettuce, cucumbers, daikon, etc. They also have rice, beans, noodles, crackers, honey, aisles of organic items. In addition there are bath products. Website:  Opening Hours 10:00 to 19:30 TEL 0428-24-6089.   If you are going to Kabe, also check out TOKYU which has a large supermarket.  They have a small section of organic produce in addition to a very large selection of non-organic. We found things like fresh Yuzu, and western mushrooms.  TOKYU is located next to Kabe station. –Alison Hackbarth, March 2013.
Directions: GPS: 35.783824, 139.287025.  To take the train start at Fussa station and go three stops toward Ome.  Get off at Kabe station.  See the map below or click on “view larger map” for driving directions:

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Kasumi Market in Ome

Located near Central Ome, this cooperative center sells a wide variety of seasonal produce. Certain sections are reserved for certified Organic produce, so watch for a table or two of selective produce off to the side with the organic Kanji above it. Two separate parking lots accommodate the many patrons of this bustling market. In front of the building, to one side, is a large greenhouse with vegetation for sale.  Open daily 9:00am-5:00pm.  Phone number: 428-31-1115.  Website for this market:
DIRECTIONS: Exit Fussa gate and turn right onto Route 16 .  Turn left onto Route 5.  Drive straight for 3.7 kilometers and then turn right at the intersection with a Yakut store on the right hand side.  The farmer’s market is on the right hand side after the first stop light. There is an additional parking lot across the road from the market.  GPS Coordinates: 35.791039, 139.298764. – Meg Martin, February 2013.

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Fresh House

Fresh House is a farmer’s market in the town of Mizuho, off the north end of the runway. This market sells seasonal vegetables and fruits. There are also cut flowers, some plants and bonsai trees for sale. Go very early for the best selection.
DIRECTIONS: Zero your odometer and turn right out the Terminal Gate onto Route 16, moving into the left lane toward central Mizuho by 0.9km. (Do not take the underpass.) This puts you on 166. Stay on 166 and go straight across Shin Ome Kaido at the intersection nearest the northern tip of the base. You’ll pass a train station, Hakonegasaki, on your left. Turn left onto Ome Kaido at 2.6km. The intersection has a blue “Ome Kaido” sign on the far left corner. Cross the train tracks and take the next right angled away, Iwakura Kaido. Look for Fresh House on the right. It is housed in three brown onion-shaped “mini barns.” Vertical banners on the road (3.2km) mark the parking area, just before the green house. Hours: 9-5 daily. (January through March open until 4pm). Telephone: 0425-57-4564 (in Japanese only). GPS: 35.7768, 139.3429.
Chieko Brumley, Julie Irwin, Teresa Negley, Keiko Hansen. Directions updated 2012. Note: Market was closed for several days around New Year’s.

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Akigawa Farmers Market

This is a cooperative where different people bring produce every morning. The entrance is in the middle, with the produce section on the left. You’ll find several bins of whatever is in season along with local produce, pickles, radishes, scallions and sweets. Behind the building is a nursery of plants and trees. There are also small barbecue huts behind the building. GPS: 35.72896,139.3075.
DIRECTIONS: Go left out the Fussa Gate onto Route 16.  At the first light, turn right at Tamabashidori Ent.   This road becomes Route 7. Just stay on this road for 3.5 kilometers over two train tracks, three bridges and through the s-curve.  The Akigawa Farmers Center will be on your left.  It is in a long building with multiple peaked roof line located amidst fields. Hours: 9am-5pm (produce section). Telephone: 042-559-1600. Teresa Negley, 1996. Directions updated 2012.

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East Gate Vegetable markets

There is a conglomeration of markets nearby in Murayama, about 15 minutes or 5km away. These markets are closed on Thursdays. A bit of advice: do not buy at the first vegetable market on the corner – browse through several stores to make your selections.
DIRECTIONS: Turn left out the East Gate. Stay in the right lane at the second light, proceeding through the “Y” intersection to the “T” intersection. Turn right and continue to another “T” intersection (Jomo gas station on the right). Turn right at the “T”, then left at the first traffic signal (bookstore on the left corner). Go to the next “T” (overhead sign says Tokeidai Higashi) and turn right. Take the first left onto Gakuen Dori. Follow the road to the Inageya Supermarket sign and park in the supermarket lot on the left. Stores are across the street, through the alley, and around on the next larger street.
DIRECTIONS HOME: Turn right out of the parking lot, proceed to the “T” intersection, turn right. Take the first left and go to the next “T” intersection. Turn right at the intersection and take the first left (gas station on the left). Stay on this road and you will pass the D-Store on your left. Just after the first light (Yamaha dealer on your right) turn left onto Heiwa Dori. Continue straight and look ahead for the East Gate on your right. Geri Yasuhara, Delores Street, Teresa Negley, 1996

Shimoda’s Mitsugi Market
On Tuesdays and Fridays, you can shop for fresh produce at Shimoda’s Mitsugi Market, ten minutes from the East Gate.
DIRECTIONS: Go left out the East Gate. Proceed to the fork in the road where you bear left. Stay straight and make a left when you reach the “T” intersection. Make a right turn at the third signal light, onto Yakushi Dori. The first large intersection (Shiritsu Jusho Minami), will be at Shin Ome Kaido with McDonalds on the corner. Go straight through the intersection until you come to a “T”. Turn right on Ome Kaido and proceed 0.3km until you see the market on the left. Parking is in the back; turn left just past the market building (down the alley between the two buildings). Hours: 10-5pm. Telephone: 042-560-0487

Hamura Produce Market

This is a popular farmers market in Hamura, easily noted by the lines of people who patiently wait for the market to open at 9:30 each morning. It’s just 5km from Yokota, and all the produce here is grown entirely by farmers local to this area. Getting here when it opens is the best way to get produce that comes in small lots, such as anything just beginning to come into season. These things disappear quickly! The prices vary from lot to lot because each is brought in by a different farmer. There are usually also small batches of fresh baked goods, noodles, and some canned goods. There are always plenty of farm fresh eggs. GPS: 35.76730,139.30728.
DIRECTIONS: Go straight out the Fussa Gate. Cross one set of railroad tracks, stay left at the “Y” and cross another set of tracks. At the Fussa City Hall intersection (with City Hall on the far left corner and the post office on the far right) turn right, onto Shin Okutama Highway, more commonly known as Route 29. Drive about 3.5km, until you reach an intersection that is signposted “Hamura Sports Center.” Go straight through htis intersection. The produce market is the very first right, with a distinctive three peak building where the produce is sold. Meg Martin, 2012.

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