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Sayonara Liz Ruskin

The week has come when Liz Ruskin is PCSing back to the states.  This webpage exists thanks to Liz.  Starting with the 200 page Yokota Travelog, Liz transformed the document into this informative, interactive, and growing webpage.  Once online she continued to generate new and update old entries herself, adding GPS coordinates and checking directions.  In addition she encouraged us Yokota residents to report on our experiences and she edited our travel reports for inclusion on the webpage.

Then she took the project further by creating the Yokota Travel facebook page and she began taking people on field trips to some of her favorite places.  With her passion for the project, dedication to accuracy and good writing, and encouragement for all of us local travelers, Liz has made a great contribution to the Yokota community now and into the future.  Plus, Liz is such an all around cool person, she will sorely be missed.

Liz has recruited four of us to take her place when she is gone, and it will take all four of us to keep up with her!  Thank you Liz for all your hard work on this project.  It is a wonderful asset to the Yokota community!
 – Sarah, Meg, Anna and Deborah