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Once the proud capital of 12th and 13th century Japan, Kamakura is a favorite place to visit. It has a whopping 65 temples and 19 shrines, along with a charming pedestrian shopping street, where you can find lacquered woodcarvings, Kamakura’s best … Continue reading

Hinode Big Buddha

Hokoji Temple – Shiozawayama Zenkoji Kano Royal Buddha About a 25 minute drive from base there is a Daibutsu (Big Buddha) which is 18m tall on the side of a mountain at Hokoji Shrine. This Buddha was completed this past … Continue reading

Enoshima East side Beach (Katase Higashi-hama Beach)

We visited Enoshima Beach, which is a beautiful area with shorelines, surfers, tourist shops, and an island with fantastic views (didn’t visit the island this time because it is Obon Season, a summer holiday for the Japanese, and traffic to … Continue reading

A Note for Newcomers to Yokota

Welcome to Japan! We know how you feel. You want to get out and see the area but you can’t retain any Japanese place names. Tachikawa, Ishikawa, Kamakura — they all run together in your mind. You see other Americans … Continue reading


Below is a list of  year-round festivals, events, and Japanese Holidays. Festival and event dates vary year to year. Check online or at the Yujo Center for current information. January 1-3 New Year’s ceremonies at shrines and temples 2 The … Continue reading